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21 feelings all fangirls know well

Asdfghjkl is not's the expression that sums up all fangirls' emotions.

No one loves anything more than a fangirl loves her fandom. Our love for our favorite fictional worlds can be obsessive, weird, overenthusiastic, and extreme, but it’s something we are unapologetically proud of. Whatever fandom you belong to, being a fangirl is a way of life that cannot be understood by everyone else, and here’s 21 feelings you’ll only relate to if you belong in a fandom.

1. Crying over fictional deaths…..even after years
[Image Description: Remus Lupin comforting Harry Potter as he cries over the death of Sirius Black in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix] Via Sparknotes
After all this time? Always. *sobs in a corner*

2. The murderous rage over spoilers
[Image Description: Luke Skywalker in anguish over learning that Darth Vader is his father, which is one of the biggest twists and spoilers from Star Wars.] Via Giphy

3. The excitement when you spot someone wearing your fandom’s merch
[Image Description: The gif shows a moment from Doctor Who where the doctor checks out something in front of him.] Via Gfycat
I’ve never felt this sudden urge to befriend a stranger before.

4. Dropping fandom references casually in your everyday sentences
[Image Descriptions: A man reacting to another’s references. He says, “Sick reference, bro. Your references are out of control, everyone knows that.”] Via imgur
Even when no one in your life actually gets it.

5. Making up imaginative scenarios in your mind when you are bored
[Image Description: Rapunzel day dreaming while gazing at the sky in Tangled] Via Tenor
Who will listen to a lecture when you can daydream yourself into the wizarding world?

6. The realization that you’ll probably go broke over buying merch
[Image Description: A woman walking down the road with countless bags after a shopping spree.] Via Giphy
Groceries? Pfft. I need to buy that cute Tardis pendant from Etsy.

7. That irritating moment when someone joins your fandom and acts as if they’re a bigger fan.
[Image Description: Jessica Jones from the TV show Jessica Jones rolling her eyes at something.] Via Buzzfeed
Girl, I was here way before you even knew this fandom existed.

8. The inability to see the members of the cast as any other character.
[Image Description: A woman screaming “I can’t.”] Via Tenor
What are you doing at Marvel, Sherlock? This is unacceptable.

9. There are additional words in your vocabulary that no one else understands
[Image Description: In a scene from Friends, Monica yells at Rachel, “that’s not even a word.”] Via Odyssey
Flail? OTP? Canon? Endgame? Ship? – How do I even start to explain?

10. That mix of excitement and fear when you hear about a sequel or spin off
[Image Description: A young woman says “I don’t know how I feel,” over the phone.] Via Giphy
Is this going to be a Force Awakens or a Cursed Child? Please don’t ruin this for me.

11. Being invested in your OTP more than your own relationships
[Image Description: A girl in glee, watching a couple kissing] Via Tenor
And that insurmountable joy you feel when they finally become canon.

12. Vicariously living through fanfiction
[Image Description: A girl excitedly browses on her laptop. The caption reads, “It’s fanfic time!”] Via Giphy
You would’ve penned down some masterpieces yourself as well.

13. Tumblr is life
[Image Description: A woman crying over something she read on her laptop] Via Giphy
You guys get me. *sniffles*

14. Shipping a crossover couple despite the fact that they’ll never meet each other
[Image Description: Mazikeen from Lucifer professing that she loves pain.] Via Amino
Here’s to all the beautiful souls who ship Jack Frost and Elsa.

15. The instant bond you develop with a fellow fangirl
[Image Description: Charlie asking Castiel whether they just became best friends in Supernatural] Via WeHeartIt
Where were you all my life?

16. Your phone gallery has more pictures relating to your fandom than your own photos.
[Image Description: A girl smiling while scrolling through her phone gallery.] Via Whatthehellz
Sweating nervously when a friend asks for your phone.

17. Getting ready for a showdown when someone insults your fandom't%20gif
[Image Description: The gif shows an offended reaction to a statement. The caption reads “Oh no she didn’t.”] Via Tumblr
Run while you can still save your life.

18. Introducing someone to your fandom, and watch them spiral into the madness
[Image Description: Edna grins as she shows something to Helen, while the latter looks overwhelmed in The Incredibles. The caption reads “Welcome to the fandom darling.”] Via Tenor
Insert maniacal laughter.

19. That moment when two of your fandoms meet
[Image Descriptions: Andy is pleasantly surprised in Parks and Recreation.] Via Reaction Gifs
Is there anything more epic than Wholock?

20. Taking pride in the fact that you are a walking encyclopedia on your fandom
[Image Descriptions: A woman confidently professes herself as a fangirl] Via Deviant Art
You know characters’ birthdays, bonus content, deleted scenes, fan theories – you’re a trivia champion.

21. Your online community is like your second family
[Image Description: A man stands on a table as the crowd cheers on. The caption reads, “I love everyone in this fandom!”] Via Tumblr
Sisters from different mothers brought together by a shared love.

I am a professional fangirl and I feel you my fellow beautiful human beings. Let us all revel in our unrequited love for characters who do not exist, our urge to be a part of a world that we will never visit and our feels that can be only understood by each other. Also, I hope your favorite fanfiction author decides to update soon.