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20 things every Desi girl with long hair has experienced at least once

For those who have a perfect love-hate relationship with their hair.

1. Your mom’s always asking you to oil your hair

(Image Description: A gif of Rapunzel brushing her hair while looking in the mirror.) Via Giphy

Mothers say that oiling your hair makes it better and longer, but how much longer are you supposed to let it grow?

2. At weddings, you have to make a choice between wanting to flaunt your hair or the dress

(Image Description: A mirrored image of Zac Efron looking conflicted.) Via Tumblr

This lehenga cost me a lot of money, the pretty embroidery and sequins better not go to waste just because my hair’s covering half of it.

3. People want to try intricate and fancy braids on your hair

(Image Description: A gif of Sonam Kapoor shaking her head and saying “No”.) Via Giphy

Sure, but only if you promise to stick around for the detangling. Yeah, didn’t think so.

4. Long hair = more rishtas

(Image Description: A gif of Regina George from Mean Girls saying “Whatever. Those rules aren’t real”.) Via Giphy

Your mother and aunties won’t stop saying it. Somehow, the length of your hair determines the quantity and quality of the marriage proposals you get.

5. Keeping your hair tied and covered so you don’t get nazar

(Image Description: A gif of a scared looking Rapunzel with her hair wrapped around her like a protective cocoon.) Via Giphy

Desi aunties are always giving out compliments to your hair with a hint of jealousy. Please say Mashallah.

6. You get asked which hair oil you used to get your hair to grow that long

(Image Description: A gif of Deepika Padukone covered in colored powder and smiling. Her hair is blowing in the wind and colored powder is being thrown her way.) Via Google

Do I look like a live hair oil advertising campaign to you?

7. Envying white girls and anyone who can grow their hair long without having to deal with the unmanageable texture of Desi hair

(Image Description: A gif of Denise Richards whipping her hair from side to side.) Via Giphy

We get it. You have #longhairproblems too.

8. Styled your hair? Good luck keeping it that way when you head out

(Image Description: A gif of a woman trying to open a door from the outside saying “Hurry, my hair’s gonna frizz!”) Via Google

Our textured hair is just more prone to frizziness, and the humidity in Desi countries doesn’t help it.

9. Coloring your hair is a huge no from your parents

(Image Description: A gif of Steve Carell shouting “No! God! No! God please no!) Via Giphy

If you have brightly colored hair, you may as well be an outlaw because it’s all the same to Desi people. Why color your hair when you can have the same boring black/brown hair for the rest of your lives amirite?

10. You can never stand out at family events because all of your cousins have the same long hair

(Image Description: An image of 2 Spider-Mans with black hair edited on them. They are stood facing and pointing fingers at each other.) Via Google

No, it’s not a trend, our mothers just happen to be that persistent.

11. People are always telling you about all the different ways you can style your hair.

(Image Description: A gif of Nina Dobrev crying and saying “Please, make it stop. It hurts”.) Via Giphy

Let me make a rough guess, around 95% of those are braids and 100% of those will make my arms hurt? Thanks, I’ll pass.

12. Your mother is your personal hair manager

(Image Description: A gif of Salma Hayek saying “Please” with her hands joined.) Via Giphy

Everything you wish to do with your hair needs to be checked with her first and the answer to a lot of things is ‘no’.

13. There are only a few hair ties that are able to handle the thickness and length of your hair

(Image Description: A gif of two men and one woman dressed as Thor, Captain America, and Black Widow. Thor is asking the others “Does anyone have a scrunchie?”) Via Giphy

Those thin and tiny elastic bands don’t serve any purpose in your life. Scrunchies are your hair’s best friends.

14. Having to listen to people wishing their hair was as long as yours

(Image Description: A gif of a woman motioning towards herself with her hands while saying “You don’t know my life.”) Via Giphy

You know my name but not the hours I spend on this hair to make it look socially acceptable.

15. Your hair is in a horsetail so often, you are taken aback by its length every time you let it down

(Image Description: A gif of young Hermione Granger looking startled.) Via Giphy

Where did it come from where did it go?

16. Even wondering about getting your hair cut can get you into trouble

(Image Description: A Tumblr text post that says: Long hair problem. Me: I’m thinking of getting a haircut. Everyone within a 10-mile radius: No you motherfucking will not.”) Via Tumblr

You guys realize it’s my hair on my head right?  This also works the other way around when…

17. ..Someone suggests that you get your hair cut and it offends you

(Image Description: A gif of a woman looking offended and walking away.) Via Giphy

Firstly, how dare you? and secondly, how dare you?

18. You love the compliments made to your hair

(Image Description: A gif of a little girl covering her mouth with her hand as she giggles. The gif says “OMG thanks!”) Via Giphy

Let’s face it ladies, our hair does look good when we give it a little TLC.

19. The brushing of your hair is a task that asks for a lot

(Image Description: A gif of Disney princess Jasmine combing her hair while looking in the mirror.) Via Tumblr

Recipe for good-looking hair: one detangling comb, hair serum (optional), a lot of extra time on your hands, a good mood with no distractions and the willpower to go through it all.

20. You get close to getting your hair cut but never go through with it

(Image Description: A gif of a girl moving her head from side to side as her hair blows in the wind.) Via Giphy

Because despite everything, your hair is a huge part of your life and you know you will regret cutting it short only a minute after you’ve done it.

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