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We won’t ever find justice for Zainab, until this sweeps our nation

My heart has never ached this badly for anyone before. I wonder what little Zainab was thinking as that barbarian took her last breaths.

By now you have probably heard of Zainab, a seven-year-old girl from Kasur, Pakistan who was kidnapped, brutally raped and thrown into the trash. The victim’s parents, who were performing Umrah (Islamic pilgrimage), reached Islamabad, Pakistan an hour after their daughter’s funeral in Kasur.

My heart has never ached this badly for anyone before.

I wonder what little Zainab was thinking as that barbarian took her last breaths. I don’t understand how someone can be cold-blooded enough to rape, let alone do so to a child.

I wonder where and how one gets the brutality to torture someone who is going to be buried in the same ground as them after they die.

I will always fail to understand how some people can perform such ruthless acts that have the ability to scar a human being for eternity, knowing that the same sinister mind that led them to do all of this will one day shut down, leaving them with nothing but fragments of their past.

But, sadly this isn’t the first time such atrocities have taken place.

Kasur was first brought into the spotlight, three years ago, when reports of organized pedophilia and fanatical exchange of child pornography amongst the area’s elite, surfaced. People from the lower class were forced to hand over their children just to maintain a roof atop their heads. This scandal sparked tremendous outrage but later subsided because the underlying report made it evident that the perpetrators were in fact, government officials and their underdogs.

This series of minor rape, however, began with a six-year-old boy named Waqas, from Rahim Yar Khan whose father was a local journalist.

He recorded pictures and videos of his son’s dead body which make it evident that, in addition to stabbing him multiple times, his neck and wrists were slit by the vindictive perpetrator(s) in order to kill him.

Another incident (very similar to Zainab’s), took place in Kasur, yet again. A six-year-old girl named Kainaat Batool was abducted on her way back from a local store. Rattled, her father alerted the police. 24 hours later, he received a call from the police station, telling him that Kainaat had been found, unconscious, in heaps of trash.

Her clothes were ripped and her face dotted with bruises, but the little fighter survived. Her wounds have healed, but her life to this day is a far cry from normal.

On most nights, she sleeps for long hours and when she wakes up, cries uncontrollably. She fails to recognize her parents and siblings, meals are forcefully fed to her by nurses.

In fact, in the last two months, Batool has barely spoken.

All of this would lead anyone to the conclusion that if proper investigations had been carried out regarding Waqas’s tragedy, Zainab, Kainaat, and Faizan wouldn’t have had to die the same way.

But no, to us, Imran Khan’s marriage and Nawaz Sharif’s illegal property matter far more than the souls of these innocent children.

Do these perpetrators have any families of their own?  Have they no concept of humanity? The questions flooding my head are many, but the answer is only one: provision of education and security to low-income families.

Countless Zainab’s will continue to die such ruthless deaths if the government of Pakistan keeps devoting the majority of its budget to building useless buses, trains, underpasses, and bridges. Infrastructure will not protect the vulnerable children of our country. The only thing that can save us from the point of no return is the beacon of education, which the government never want to provide us with.

The lives of civilians are being set on fire as these supposedly patriotic politicians roam around with top-notch security protocol.

The perpetrators of Zainab’s rape and murder have lived the majority of their lives on the tax money given to them by people like Zainab’s family.

And yet, it is the lives of people like her that are in danger because the government doesn’t want to spend a penny on the education and security of their people.

I mean why would they, anyway?

There is no proof of education and security for them to show to the World Bank and pretend like that’s what they’re using the loans for, in order to conceal their traces of corruption. I don’t understand how these public office holders sleep at night, knowing they are the reasons why people like Zainab are dying every single day.

What right do they have to rule when people like you and I are left raped, murdered and dumped in heaps of garbage?

If they can’t spare time for our wellbeing, they don’t deserve to represent us.

We cannot let another Zainab die.

We must keep protesting until the assailants involved in these cases are held accountable.

Government officials will try their level best to make sure they don’t face a speck of penalty, but as a nation, it is our responsibility to assure that the lost lives of our mothers, sisters, and daughters don’t go in vain because of these monsters.