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7 chocolate flavors you need to taste before you die

Chocolate is delicious and as I always say, the weirder the better. Okay, I don't actually say that, but it's totally true in this instance.

The only thing that’s better than chocolate, is chocolate combined with other food. From classic combinations like coffee to slightly more innovative entities like oranges, we have all tasted some pretty great fusions.

However, sometimes we come across some combinations that seem weird and extremely strange, but would be surprised to know that it actually works!

1. Chili
[Image description: This image shows bars of chocolate on a plate along with chili, surrounded by chili flakes]. Via eBay
It was my best friend who introduced me to the possibility of adding chili and chocolate together. I was pretty appalled by such a practice, and totally not convinced until I tasted it. The juxtaposition of chocolate’s sweetness and chili’s spiciness was just incredible, and it was like they’re two opposites who were meant for each other – just perfect.

If you want to give it a try, check out this recipe for Hot Chili Pepper Truffles.

2. Green Tea
[Image Description: A box of Green Tea chocolates.] Via The Daily Tea
I absolutely detest green tea and was disgusted when I first saw the green tea Kit Kats. But I ended up trying out some green tea chocolate macarons and found the magic in the combination. I am still not a fan of green tea or matcha, but I do get what makes it appealing to its fans, especially when mixed with chocolate.

Try out these Green Tea Chocolate Cookies.

3. Chickpeas
[Image description: A bunch of chocolate covered chickpeas.] Via Michelle Vodrazka
To be honest, chocolate covered chickpeas aren’t the strangest thing ever, but some recipes that include this combination are pretty interesting. The best one is undeniably chocolate hummus.

It’s definitely something I’d try to make myself just to satisfy my curiosity, and here‘s a great recipe if you want to as well!

4. Potato Chips
[Image Description: A bowl of chocolate dipped potato chips on a yellow piece of cloth.] Via Royce’
This one is the result of a weird experiment I did when I was bored and was eating Pringles. I randomly got the idea to make a chocolate ganache to go with the Pringles, and being the impulsive creature I am, I did just that. It was almost like eating nachos and guacamole, and I loved it.

The salt of the chips was perfect with the chocolate, and it was a great way to sweeten up my regular evening snack.

5. Cinnamon
[Image Description: A platter of chocolate, nuts, and cinnamon on a wooden table.]Vlife
Spices and chocolate are a delicate balance, and my favorite spice-chocolate combination is cinnamon. The Sri Lankan in me goes gaga over the mix, and there’s nothing more heavenly than the combined smell of cinnamon and chocolate.

Sigh. Oh and this fudge is a must try!

6. Tomatoes
[Image Description: A slice of chocolate cake on a plate.] Via Pixabay
This is actually a food tip my mother found in some magazine and has followed ever since. Adding tomatoes to your chocolate cake mix makes them even tastier and fluffier, and as amusing as it sounds, it’s completely true.

It’s to do with the acidity of the fruit, but who would’ve thought of such a combo?

7. Basil
[Image description: A close up of chocolate pudding with basil cream on a plate.] Via Good Food
For such an intriguing and unusual combination, there’s actually quite a few great recipes for this combination out there. My favorite is probably the white chocolate and basil mousse, which is so good considering the fact that white chocolate is quite a tricky entity to successfully combine food items with.

While safe choices such as caramel and nuts do work well with chocolate, sometimes taking a risk with some unusual food items and combinations definitely pay off. As long as you don’t go all hipster on chocolate and try something extraordinarily ridiculous – *cough* deconstructed Biriyani *cough* – everything will be fine.