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15 reasons #BlackHogwarts is a million times better than regular Hogwarts

Draco: Mudbloods shouldn't be here at Hogwarts. Hermione: #BlackHogwarts

J.K. Rowling does not make the news for her representation and diversity. (Her expertise lies more in defending terrible people, but I digress.) The magical world of Harry Potter that she created, however, has far exceeded the limits of her creation and the fandom of the series is bringing something awesome to the internet. #BlackHogwarts – reportedly started by Jessica Williams – is basically the best thing to happen to this fandom.

#BlackHogwarts – reportedly started by Jessica Williams – is basically the best thing to happen to this fandom. Click To Tweet

Here’s some prime examples from the trending hashtag that prove that there is no way #BlackHogwarts is not the Glow Up™ version of regular old Hogwarts:

1. Pre-gaming at #BlackHogwarts is about 900% cooler than an Oliver Wood speech

What do you mean this isn’t actual footage of the Gryffindor Quidditch team?

2. Annalise Keating is about to tell you what’s up

We all know that there is no version of the universe where Queen Viola Davis is not going to dominate Auror Law. Alastor Moody, who?

3. Hermione ‘Savage’ Granger

The quality side of the fandom has already decided Hermione is black anyway. This is really the cherry on top of the best cake I’ve ever eaten.

4. It’s where the real magic happens

Not sure a second year could manage a transfiguration so flawless, but they sure can try to be this impressive.

5. Nobody does things by half, we go big or go home

Contrary to their stereotypical portrayal as pushovers and stoners, you know Hufflepuffs at #BlackHogwarts aren’t playing around.

6. The course on dealing with shit is not elective; it’s mandatory reading

If you don’t think defending yourself against shade with the right amount of sass is an art, you’re probably not doing it right.

7. Every speech by the Headmaster is a mic drop moment

He may not have been as great as everyone thought, but nobody is saying Dumbledore didn’t know how to speak to a room. At #BlackHogwarts, he does it so much better.

8. Nobody takes Tom Riddle’s shit

Lord Voldemort? How about no?

9. The Malfoys are still white, obviously

Hermione isn’t the only one ready to deck Draco Malfoy for his bigoted bullshit.

10. The best treatments come from the Potions classroom

What good would magic be, really, if not to help you achieve the most luscious curls this side of Platform 9 3/4.

11. Hissing at snakes like nobody’s business is still…unexpected

Nobody signed up for dealing with giant snakes, alright, we were just here for a magical education.

12. If you go to #BlackHogwarts, your mama probably has your back

Harry Potter was unfortunate enough not to have parents to notice what was going on at that school, but not you. There’s no way your mama is going to miss those black quill scars or let Dolores Umbridge rest in peace after she sees them. She’s going down.

13. Seriously, the Gryffindor quidditch team is the school meme

Obviously, somehow, they are both the coolest jocks and biggest losers in school.

14. Just because it’s #BlackHogwarts doesn’t mean you’re not still failing at Potions though

Iiiiiin the West Potions corridor, tried and failed…

15. Plus, you know we can’t have #BlackHogwarts without a #BlackBeauxbatons and #BlackDurmstrang

Nobody struts better than the army of French queens who came to slay and win the tournament.

I (very very very reluctantly) accepted the fact that I wasn’t going receive my letter to Hogwarts a long time ago. Butttt this hashtag is making me feel those same pangs of regrets alllll over again.


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