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Doctors are turning people away from the ER for one awful reason

What do you do when no one wants to save you?

Imagine this.

Bethany Shipsey, 21, was rushed to Worcestershire Royal Hospital after ingesting too many weight-loss pills she had purchased online.

She had previously overdosed 14 times and suffered from severe mental health issues after being emotionally abused, sexually assaulted and raped by her ex-boyfriend.

Upon her arrival at the hospital in critical condition, she was unable to get treated in a timely manner. She was moved three times within the span of just 20 minutes. The emergency room section of the hospital didn’t seem to have enough room for her.

Even the resuscitation room was full.

She passed away in the hospital, so close to help, and yet, not close enough.

Bethany is one of the 750 people who die every single month due to lack of sufficient care by medical practitioners in NHS hospitals. Sadly, this terrible is the state of healthcare in developed countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

In fact,  medical negligence is the third-leading cause of death in America.

If this is the way developed countries are running, the problem is only exacerbated in developing countries.

I still remember how miserable the state of Jinnah Hospital in Lahore was when my grandmother had to be rushed into the ICU because of a stroke. My mother and I were yelling for help, but all anyone wanted to do was tell us to wait as my grandmother lay there stiff and motionless.

Hospitals in my country, Pakistan, look more like war camps than anything else and the doctors, instead of having the passion to serve, drool over bills and think selfishly in every situation.

There are stray cats prancing around stretchers, buildings that look like they will collapse any second, and around three to four fully grown people lying on two stretchers that have been pushed together edge to edge. The nurses have zero respect for the patients, while the doctors just don’t seem to care.

They aren’t paid right, so they fail to treat us right.

But then again, potential doctors get enrolled in med schools, only because they’re taught all along that they’ll “make big money” if they do. Which clearly explains why there is no regard for human lives anywhere in this vindictive world and we, as global civilians, are forced to “just live with it.”

How can a child live knowing that if they get hit by a truck on the way home, there won’t be anyone to tend to her in the outpatient emergency? And how are billions of people expected to live at peace knowing that could one day, their own child could be at risk?

How did Bethany’s family feel?

Those in charge need to understand that they are people, too. And because of that, they are guaranteed to get sick one day.

Imagine if doctors treated themselves the way they’ve treated all of their patients.

It’s high time they break the damn norm, stop acting like ATMs, and build their consciences back because this insatiable greed is taking away our rights to live.

Yes, they’ve studied way longer than people of other professions have, but that in no way puts them in a position superior to the rest of us.  We cannot have another Bethany die somewhere in the world because of their irresponsibility.

They need to own up to their actions and do the best they can for us, not only because they have our money, but because they have the power to use it and save lives.

It won’t take much to change the state of the healthcare system if our public office holders and medical practitioners feel our pain. They need to understand just how important every single life is, regardless of social status.

We all love our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, and sons, so why force us to lose them?

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