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Sony isn’t proud of “Proud Mary,” and they’re sabotaging the entire film

Taraji P. Henson is playing a badass hitwoman and there's been almost ZERO promotion.

Proud Mary is a rare film.

I mean, how often do we see black women playing leading roles in action films? But while people across the internet have been buzzing with excitement, Sony, the film’s production company does not seem to share this sentiment.

Why isn’t Sony proud of Proud Mary?

Taraji P. Henson had wanted to be a part of an actual action flick for a long time. It was not until Clint Culpepper of Screen Gems presented her with the “Proud Mary” script that Henson’s wish to act in an action-packed film came true. It is an original action flick that has Henson in the lead role as a successful hitwoman working for an organized crime family in Boston.

In the beginning, Henson was dubious whether she’d be able to carry off the role, but the “Empire” actress is a badass who has been slaying the acting game for decades. She was able to pull off Mary’s character to the very peak of perfection.

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Henson thinks if a man can do action-packed films, so can women. In an interview she even says, “I feel like women get better as we age. Give us the same chances as you give men.”

So why is a film as ambitious as Proud Mary not being promoted extensively?

A few years back, in a notorious email leak, an unnamed producer had supposedly admonished Sony Pictures. According to him, the international motion picture audience is racist.

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Would this imply that Sony as a company, too, believes that the audience overseas lacks an interest in black films? Henson, in contrast, says that the idea that black culture doesn’t sell well overseas is “a lie.”

It is nothing new to see Taraji struggling to make her film survive and thrive in this competitive film industry we know by the name Hollywood.

Which begs another question: Could Proud Mary, being a women-centric film, be the sole reason for Sony Pictures to be so apathetic in doing the movie’s post-production promotions?

Taraji herself has remarked on how women are sent off to the “pastures” when they get older.

We live in a world where people love to say that they are progressive and that they create opportunities.

But is that really the scenario with Henson?

She tried to convince Sony Pictures to secure ONE international press tour, but much to her dismay, it has been a battle she was not been able to win. Sony was not responsive to her requests.

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It is a shame that she has had to take the responsibilities on her own shoulders and use her own personal connections to promote the film.

Henson is actively protesting about the industry stigmatizing women of color. She says, “I wish we wouldn’t see color, we’d just see talent. It’s stupid that I’m not getting paid what I should be getting paid because of the color of my skin.”

Yes, Taraji, we know. We know. And we’re sorry.

Henson says this was a role she dreamt of, and we are no less excited than her. While the film is set to be released today, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed, hold our breath in anticipation, and buy as many tickets to the movie as possible.

We are, after all, proud of Proud Mary.