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The 5 Most-Read The Tempest Stories of 2017: Life Edition

2017 is FINALLY OVER (thank goodness) but we did share some fantastic stories this year and it's time to showcase them!

2017 brought us Trump’s inauguration, sexual allegations, an Alabama senate race, and the worst shooting in US history. But that’s not all that 2017 brought us.

We also got a museum for Jackie Robinson, saw a beautiful solar eclipse, and more!

Life is all about experiences and the people you share them with, and this year the Life section has really come through on those ideals. Each article examined a problem that was important and necessary to add to the global dialogue. Enjoy this 2017 roundup of the best articles under Life, and get ready for a million more in 2018.

 1. “It’s time to call Muslim parents out on their emotional abuse – because that’s not love,” by Anonymous

[Image description: A photo of a woman with her eyes closed and wearing a pink hijab. She is smelling a bouquet of flowers that she is holding.]
An incredibly powerful narrative about parental abuse. This article calls out parents for creating negative environments for their children instead of nurturing them. Sometimes, parents make mistakes. They do not have the power of God and do not rule your life entirely.  This unique perspective sheds light on a problem thousands of women can relate to. Read More.

2. “How do you preserve Syria when a lot of what’s left is rubble?” by Talah Bakdash

[Image description: A photo of a medieval castle called Krak des Chevaliers that is still standing in Syria.]
When battles end, then what happens? What happens to the memories made before the war? What happens from the changes in the landscape?

This is an important discussion about war-torn countries and examines what happens after wars end. This examines how culture changes from those happenings around them, which is an interesting perspective people don’t usually get to see. People think of war, the politics of it, and forget about the people who are still there. Read More.

3. “In the eyes of my family, I’m damaged goods – here’s why,” by Thee Shaheera

[Image description: The photo shows a woman wearing a wedding dress with a white hijab while holding a bouquet of flowers and smiling.] Pinterest
There are certain responsibilities women are expected to follow, but when they succumb to a disease they are no longer the golden child. Just because this author got diabetes, means her standing in the world around her was lowered, although she didn’t do anything wrong. How can women keep their hopes up for their future when they are constantly put down for something they can’t control? Why do diseases affect a woman’s quality?

Women do not need to be put down by others, and it’s time we stop allowing it. Read More.

4. “16 tried-and-true techniques to drive away the rishtas,” by The Tempest team

Indian Lady
[Image description: A photo of a woman with brown hair and red clothes on with the impression that she is confidently walking away from others who are in the background.] Naganath Chiluveru on
Members of The Tempest family got together to write this hilariously accurate and helpful guide to snubbing your relatives who pressure you on your future plans. The techniques include sarcasm and cutting your hair, both of which are sure to terrify any desi girl’s family.

Don’t let other people decide what’s right for you. Read More.

5. “I was only 20 when my sister abandoned her toddlers. I had no idea what to do.” by Thee Shaheera

[Image description: A photo of a woman in a field holding a young boy in her arms.]
Life brings unexpected challenges from our culture, friends and even from our family. When this woman was left with her nephew and niece she had one option and that was to care for them. She took them in and managed to continue with school and work, but not without difficulty. Life is hard work and it’s important to hear these inspiring stories to remind us of what we are capable of. Read More.

Here’s to continuing to share important and inspiring stories that may have otherwise been overlooked.