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These four worst movies will put Wiseau’s The Room to shame

It’s not easy to make a movie that the entire universe agrees is terrible, but these few seem to have done just that.

When debating on the worst movie ever made, everyone thinks of The Room. Tommy Wiseau’s unforgettable lines and acting make this movie very hard to forget. It was popular for one reason, it’s a really bad movie.

But one thing is for sure, there are many more movies that are just as bad, or even worse. At least The Room made it to Hollywood, unlike many other bad movies that instead went straight to DVD or VHS. Compared to the ridiculously bad masterpiece The Room, these bad movies aren’t even worth a minute of our time. It’s not just about poor editing and audio dubbing, horrible acting and ridiculous story with plot holes, but so much more than that.

1. Samurai Cop (1991)

samurai cop

Womanizer cop as a typical movie hero with a horrible wig? Check. Random waitresses and nurses drooling over him every time they see him? Check. Japanese Yakuza with mullet hairstyles as the antagonist? Check.

I take what I’ve said back, this one is definitely worth watching. Not because it’s worse than The Room, but because it’s much worse than that. Everything about this movie is unimaginably terrible, that is what gives it it’s charm. It is hard for us to keep a straight face while watching it.

If The Room can make me cringe and laugh with it’s ridiculous dialogue, Samurai Cop can put me in tears. This movie is undeniably one of the best bad movies ever made.

2. Fateful Findings (2013)

fateful findings

I have no idea where to start with this. I don’t know what was I thinking when I decided to waste two hours watching this crap. Samurai Cop has pleased the fans of B-Cinema, but this movie will definitely make you question its existence.

Fateful Findings was produced and directed by relatively unknown, self-taught independent filmmaker Neil Breen with no qualification from any film school. He is also the main character in this movie, which is no surprise at all. It is about a boy discovering his mystical powers which he eventually uses to save America from corrupt politicians by hacking government websites.

As much as I respect him for his determination in producing a movie, this movie is just bad.

One scene I can’t forget is the one when Dylan (Neil Breen) ‘scolded’ his dead friend for killing himself. Well, he’s dead so…

One thing I highly suggest – do NOT watch this, unless you still want to waste your time watching an old guy eating raw spinach and using three laptops at once.

3. Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010)


Another movie that put The Room to shame as the worst film ever produced. And if it’s not enough, this one actually made it to theaters.

It tells the story of birds attacking people because they are mad about global warming. I know what you’re thinking, who would have thought a movie about angry birds avenging the planet would be so bad? It took 45 minutes for the plot to even develop! By the time it finally happened, I was half-asleep waiting for any sight of a bird. Sixty percent of this movie is all about the main character’s work and love life, which is completely unrelated to deadly birds.

At the end of the movie, the ‘evil’ birds just left. No heroic action to defeat them at all. How strange is that?

And don’t get me started on the CGI.

4. Birdemic 2: The Resurrection (2013)

birdemic 2

Oh. My. God. There’s actually a freaking sequel?!

Guess what, I didn’t bother to watch it. From what I know, it was a small step up from the previous movie. It had better audio and cinematography, but still a horrible movie.

I’m not gonna watch any of these movies again, ever (except Samurai Cop). But if you’re a bad movie lover and interested to see flocks of birds dive-bombing themselves, then give it a try and prepare to laugh.