26 beautiful Somali brides proving what magic truly looks like

These brides are pure magic.

1. This bride is giving us SLAYAGE.

2. So fun!

3. Utter sophistication.

4. I can’t get over how stunning this bride is.

5. Eyelashes for days.

6. Pretty in white.

7. Cutest bridesmaids ever!

8. Cut crease GOALS.

9. Can we talk about that highlighters!?

10. Loving the vivid henna.

11. Subtle makeup in the most delicate shade of pink.

12. Green and gold are meant to be.

13. Shine bright like a diamond, girl.

14. Black is so damn beautiful.

15. Henna and white wedding dresses make for a style icon.

16. “I came to slaaay!”

17. So adorable!

18. Gorgeous, gorgeous couple.

19. I think I just fell in love with gold.

20. You can never go wrong with a classic red lip.

21. Her skin is POPPING.

22. You go, girl!

23. She looks so perfect.

24. A beautiful bride-to-be.

25. A princess and her prince.

26. The ultimate posse.