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Female celebrities are always bashed for plastic surgery…but what about the men?

The double standards are out of control and I'm sick of it.

The long-awaited music video has finally been released. I was so stoked to see a new update from Katrina Kaif on her new song with Salman Khan, “Swag se Swagat,” a track from their upcoming movie Tiger Zinda Hai. Since the news about the sequel of my favorite movie came out, I’ve been waiting anxiously.

After a three-minute eargasm from listening to the song, I  read the comments to know what others thought about it. But what I saw was disappointing. There were a lot of praises for both stars, but a lot of the comments were negative. Especially the ones relating to the female protagonist.

“Her face is swollen… she totally lost her charms.”

“It’s all botox, she looks so fake now.”

“Too much fillers on her lips, it looks weird now.”

Just like other celebrities that have gone under the knife, Katrina Kaif receives the same backlash from her fans and haters alike. These people aren’t scared to express their opinion in her social media.

But there was one thing about it that really bugged me.

[bctt tweet=”This shows how biased we are towards celebrities when it comes to their looks and appearances.” username=”wearethetempest”]

She isn’t the only one with artificial beauty.

The male actor has also clearly undergone surgery to keep his youth. He reportedly has had a hair transplant and blepharoplasty (excess skin and bagginess under eyes removal) and to this day, there’s no sign of aging on his face.

But no one talked about him.

Nobody mentioned about his young appearance despite him being half a century old. There was barely any negative comments about his looks and most of the commenters praised him for being one of the greatest actors.

They focused on his immense talent in acting but didn’t do the same for the female star.

This shows how biased we are towards celebrities.

The proof is right before our eyes, just check the comments section under the online posts and videos uploaded by people to YouTube or social media. People are obsessed with comparing ‘before-and-after’ plastic surgery looks.

I doubt people would talk about Jared Leto for his Botox treatment, Ryan Gosling for his nose job, or Ryan Reynold for enhancing his chin and jawlines. But when the news about Priyanka Chopra surgically altering her nose and her skin lightening treatment were made public, everyone made a fuss over it.

And people seem to enjoy bashing Iggy Azalea and the Kardashians and Jenners for their ‘manufactured beauty’ while turning a blind eye to their male counterparts.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never loved the whole notion of plastic surgery.

To me, it’s better to accept the fact that we can never be perfect in our appearance and embrace our natural looks. Most people, especially young girls, get the wrong idea of how ‘beautiful’ should be thanks to plastic surgery.

The idea of a ‘perfect’ body and face – tiny waist, lighter skin, and plumped lips – become the ideal. But the truth is, this kind of look rarely exists. At least not naturally.

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But if celebrities decide to alter their features, then who are we to question their decision?

They are mature enough to make their own choices. So I’m sure that good or bad, they are mature enough to live with the consequences of their decision. The only upsetting thing is our insensitivity and prejudice towards them.

Here’s the deal: if we’re going to talk about female celebrities and their surgical alterations, then be fair.

Don’t just bash the women while the men get away with it. Either that or don’t say anything at all and just enjoy their movies or music.