5 ways you can bring Christmas into your dream winter wedding

It's never too late for pinecones!

Christmas is around the corner, and though it might not be everyone’s favorite holiday, it certainly is beautiful. The pinecones, tinsel, fairy lights, and luxurious smells of gingerbread cookies and hot chocolate make it a holiday full of inspiration. And if you’re lucky enough to have a winter wedding, you already know of the plethora of easy DIY ideas at your disposal!

Below are some quick and easy (I promise) ways to incorporate a Christmas theme into your winter wedding. It’s festive AF.

1. Pinecones, pinecones EVERYWHERE.

Listen. Pinecones are the OG Christmas decoration that you can even get from your backyard. They’re natural, environmentally-friendly beauties that you can DIY in so many different ways it’s too good to be true. Rescue a few pinecones from your local ground and arrange them into natural, simple centerpieces like the one above, or get fancy by spraypainting them to match your wedding colors.

Pinecones are versatile, cheap decorations that add an instant natural glam look to any wedding.

2. Fairy lights make a true winter wonderland.

You’re probably worried that I’m going to suggest cutting out hundreds of DIY snowflakes for a true winter wedding, right? Don’t worry, nobody has time for that. But what we do have time for is tons and tons of fairy lights that won’t set you back a ton of money (or a ton of time). Making use of fairy lights for instant atmosphere is wedding decor 101, but what they don’t tell you is how with a few small touches, you can add instant Christmas magic.

Like above, combining your traditional Christmas colors with fairy lights in innovative ways will not only mean that your wedding stands out from the crowd, but will also make it a perfect winter wonderland.

3.  Festive drinks, anyone?

Apple cider. Ginger. Cranberries. What do all of these things have in common? They taste amazing in drinks and give off the ideal Christmas vibe. Whether it’s a boozy ginger beer or cranberry apple cider sangria like above, there are so many ways to incorporate the flavors of Christmas into your wedding drinks list.

If you’re choosing not to serve alcohol at your wedding, we haven’t left you out! You can also serve up some festive cinnamon mocha lattes to warm up your guests. With a few ingredients, you’ll have instant Christmas wedding drinks.

4. Bring on the candy canes!

Candy canes are a sweet Christmas treat that instantly reminds you of your childhood.

Devouring candy cane after candy cane with your cousins may have made you sick back then, but it’ll add a Christmas miracle to your winter wedding as quick and easy wedding favors like the one above. You can even sprinkle them throughout your buffet, or incorporate them into centerpieces to add that splash of Christmas crimson. Whatever you decide, candy canes are the way to go.

5. It smells like Christmas spirit.

Nothing smells better than Christmas. Cinnamon, peppermint, ginger, and fresh pine needles are all key scents that tell you that Christmas is here. Use this to your advantage by upping the atmosphere at your Christmastime wedding by using candles to create a truly festive atmosphere. You can even DIY your own candles and their unique scents using easy tutorials like this.

Your guests will feel comforted and welcomed by the aroma and will be super excited to tuck into that festive brunch you set out for them. It’s a win-win for everybody!

  • Ariana Munsamy

    Ariana is a graduate from the University of Cape Town with majors in Gender Studies and Anthropology. She is a plant-lady artist, writer and poet, who has been published in Prufrock & Type/Cast Literary Journal. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, retweeting and playing Skyrim.