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Dear K-Pop haters, you need to get over yourselves

Have you ever met someone so bitter that they had a problem with someone else’s interests? Something that had absolutely nothing to do with their own existence? Well, that’s K-Pop haters in a nutshell.

Forgive my Harry Potter reference but K-Pop haters either have the emotional range of a teaspoon or they’re just really insecure. Either way, it needs to stop.

I’m not saying you’re not entitled to have an opinion of your own but if your opinions are racist, sexist, regressive, and misogynistic, then they are cancelled in my book.

I get it if you’re just genuinely not into the music as a genre. That’s understandable and absolutely fair, but it still doesn’t give you the right to be a hater.

Here are a few examples of the (supposedly witty) comments I have received for being a fan of K-Pop:

“These guys wear makeup” is one of the most common ones and I don’t even understand how it’s supposed to be an insult because there is absolutely nothing wrong with men in makeup. You implying that it’s funny or a reason to dislike someone shows that you are blatantly sexist and you conform to gender norms which just goes to show your small mindedness.

“How do you even tell them apart?” “They all look the same” is the one that baffles me the most because they claim to be against racism and oppressive institutionalized practices yet still display them so openly.

Saying that all Asians look alike is racist and it is not funny to say stuff like that. It is not okay to stereotype an entire race based on their looks. So don’t get mad up when you’re called out on it.

You can either not be racist or you can admit that you were, and apologize. But most of you don’t even want to do that.

“But you can’t even understand what they’re saying” It’s beyond me as to why this neo-colonial attitude continues to persist in today’s day and age. Is it really that tough to comprehend the fact that English is not the only language human beings speak?

Yes, I don’t know Korean but subtitles exist and so do translation apps. And I don’t need to know their language fluently (or, at all) to love and appreciate their music.

Of course I’ve saved the best for last. “That’s too much Asian for me” and this one makes me laugh even thinking about it because I’m Asian, the person who said this to me is also Asian, and both of us live in Asia. * face palm*

Korean music apparently being “too Asian” for other Asians is quite hilarious to me, personally.

The fact that the Korean music industry refuses to conform to any gender roles or norms and chooses to let their artists dress up androgynously, wear makeup (regardless of gender), and sing songs with neutral pronouns goes to show that the Korean music industry is a lot more progressive than their haters ever will be.

You don’t have to like Korean music or artists if you don’t want to. We don’t  want you interested in them if you don’t want to be, but you are not allowed to be so blatantly racist, sexist, misogynistic, and problematic in your opinions about K-Pop.

It’s extremely offensive and incorrect, and the International A.R.M.Y will not tolerate it.

By Arushi Tandon

Arushi is a Sociology major based out of New Delhi, India. She graduated from the University of Delhi in 2017 and has since worked across sectors which include non-profits, journalism, HR, travel and education. She currently works at Ashoka University as a Teaching Assistant. A voracious reader and literature fanatic, Arushi finds happiness in reading, writing and pursues creative non-fiction as a passion project along with academic writing professionally. Enthusiastic about issues around gender, culture, lifestyle and health - this trickles into her writing and work.