21 beautiful marriage proposals that will make you believe in love again

Putting a ring on it has never looked this good.

Choosing to marry someone is more than just a pretty proposal followed by a grandiose wedding; it’s a lifelong commitment to respect, honor, and cherish that person. But getting beautiful photos to commemorate these intimate, life-changing events is so inspiring, we couldn’t help but put them together for you to feel inspired too.

These couples will melt your cold heart this winter, just in time for cuffing season!

1. Everything about this is so romantic.

2. She must be so excited!

3. Is this the perfect minimalist marriage proposal!?

4. You can never go wrong with rose petals and hearts.

5. Here’s to the rest of your lives!

6. These two were made for each other.

7. Girl, I feel you!

8. So adorable!

9. Most beautiful couple.

10. Destinations marriage proposals are so IN.

11. Serenading is so romantic!

12. An inspiring, peaceful setting.

13. This proposal made the perfect picture.

14. I’m tearing up, guys.

15. So freaking cuuuuute!

16. An iconic proposal.

17. Color coordinated proposals are my new favorite thing.

18. Having the Golden Gate Bridge as your witness is pretty spectacular.

19. An inspiring couple.

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“i thought the cold would last forever, i didn't know that there was something better. But just like a love line run on time, i met you at the end of the world.” I’ll never know what i did in life to be blessed enough to not only meet you, but to share your last name. To do this thing called with you. To create endless memories with you. To be your forever, and always. Like a night in shining armor, you showed up when i needed you most and least expected to be rescued. You are my real life Prince Charming and living this fairytale with you is more than i could have ever dreamed of. Not a Day has gone by from the moment we met that you haven’t brought a smile to my face and i can’t wait to spend a lifetime more smiling with you. You’ll forever be my always. ❤️ #krasniqithebride

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20. This is so special!

21. These two are giving me forever vibes.