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Stop pretending you just got triggered. It makes you look ridiculous.

Being triggered is not a joke - it can cost someone their life, if not properly handled.

A proper definition of the word triggered is vital before we go any further into this, mostly because it’s highly misunderstood and misused on the internet nowadays.  

Medically speaking, a “trigger” is something that can set off or activate the symptoms of a physical or mental illness in a person who is prone to it, having suffered from it or is suffering from it in the context of it being spoken of.  Being “triggered” automatically connotes a condition where the person would not function normally once they have come in contact with their trigger.

And this is apparently funny to some people.

It’s simply beyond me just how this can be considered hilarious when it’s a serious and dangerous situation to go through. Being triggered is not a joke – it can cost someone their life, if not properly handled.

I’ve seen this pattern on the internet where someone will voice their opinion on something that has bothered them and at least one or two people (mostly Men’s Rights Activists) will respond to this with “Oh you’re triggered” 


 I’ve even seen posts titled as “How to trigger a feminist/feminazi”.

How the hell is this funny?

How is using a medical term used to denote an illness something to laugh about? 

And why do MRA’s think it’s supposedly “witty” or “sassy” to use triggered as a retort? Using the term “triggered” out of context does not make you seem smart or sassy. 

It just makes you look ignorant, insensitive, and ridiculous. It’s not funny.

Let me elaborate on this with an example.

A person who suffers from anxiety tweets out something pertaining to their anxiety that has happened to them, and you (being the wonderful MRA you are) choose to respond to that with “Who triggered you?” instead of trying to be even a little bit sensitive. 

You know what will happen? 

They might actually end up getting triggered due to your so-called wittiness. They might suffer from an anxiety attack all because you lack basic decency and education on this topic. There is a reason why “trigger warnings” are a thing. There is a reason why blood, gore, graphic imagery, etc. are provided with such imminent warnings in movies, music videos, etc.

Even social media websites, in general, recognize the importance of triggers wherein they label certain photos and videos as “sensitive content” before outright displaying it to the audience. That is a responsible use of social media

Casually using the term in an argument just to prove a point isn’t. 

It’s extremely important to be respectful and have at least basic decency even if you don’t agree with someone’s ideologies. You cannot cross the line between arguing and go straight to slandering.  

And it really isn’t that hard to refrain from using the word “triggered” itself when what you’re actually trying to imply is far from the actual meaning of the word. 

Don’t be an asshole, and don’t be offensive.