Halloween is approaching and in the spirit of all things spooky –  it’s time to acknowledge that there are other beings in this universe, call them ghosts, jinns, spirits whatever you will.

We are not alone here.

I love Halloween, one of the reasons I love it so much is because my rational, adult-self knows that it’s not real. These ghost mazes, horror houses, and scary movies are fake. As much as I believe in the unseen, I don’t believe that they pop out during Halloween, and I sure as hell don’t believe that they live in these haunted houses. So I enjoy the fake spookiness and laugh when people jump.

However, many would think that this time of year would be a good time to hold seances and disturb the real creepy beings. I’m not sure why one would think that summoning a supernatural force is a good idea, but hey humans are incredibly flawed beings. Over the years there have been ghost-hunting equipment and detectors used such as electromagnetic field detectors, ion detectors, Geiger counters, infrared cameras, and super-sensitive microphones.

Basically, any device that can detect some sort of activity that we cannot see with our eyes.

woman looking scared saying "it's so creepy".

With the rise of technology, it is no surprise that ghost-hunting devices have developed further into apps so that everyone can join in on the hunt. (I’m still not saying that this is a good idea).  I’ve always been slightly skeptical that an app on my phone would be able to detect ghosts, it seems slightly far-fetched to me. Also, how do we know that it’s not lying? But more importantly, what if it finds a real one and I have to burn my house down and flee the country?

Nevertheless, for the sake of likes, I bit back my fear and decided to try a few.

I decided to test out Ghost Detector Radar with Camera, which probably wasn’t the wisest one to start out with. This one basically connects to your camera and shows you the ghosts around you. I mean it shows you faces which I didn’t expect and I found more terrifying then I’d like from my ghost hunting equipment. It also offers you the opportunity to chat with them but by this point, I had thrown my phone across the room and fled for my life.

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t really explain how it works scientifically so I’m not convinced that it is genuine. It just seems far too convenient and easy to use for me anyway.

Screenshot of the app, the infrared camera is showing a figure ahead.


I tried Ghost Radar – Classic, which does as it says. It’s a simple radar that shows you if there any ghost in the vicinity. It didn’t detect any near me and had about 5 adds pop up in the short time that I used it so I wasn’t incredibly impressed.

sceeenshot of the radar scanning the area,

The one I had the most fun with was Ghost Locator, it not only showed you a radar of activity, it also lets you click on the ghost that’s nearby to learn more information. For example, I share a residence with Mary, who died aged 23 in 1942 via car crash. There was a gentleman named Heath also in the area.  Needless to say, I don’t really believe in this one. I mean how did it get all those details? Who went around and did a census on these ghosts to input their details into this app?

screenshot of the app, showing two ghosts - john aged 237 and Elizabeth ages 89 in the area.

After doing some research, I tried Ghost Hunter M2 which seemed reasonably professional. The dashboard consists of many features, some of which admittedly went over my head. The detectors consist of microphones, geo, emf, and evp features, and does a sweep of the surrounding area. It seemed to signify some presence in my house and at one point the presence said “lights”, I mean I did leave the lights on in the hallway so maybe this ghost is environmentally conscious?

This app seemed to be the best equipped one, so if you believe in the supernatural and are serious about this ghost hunting business, it is the one you should probably go for.

screenshot of the various dials and measuring screens that the app displays.


I’m not sure I’ll be using any of these apps again but it was interesting to see what kind of features they used to detect paranormal activity and seeing the ones that actually used scientific technology made it easy to ascertain the obviously fake ones from the ones that were plausible.

As much fun as this was, I think I’ll just stick to using my cats to notify me of spiritual presences thank you very much.

GIf of cat shaking his head in fear

Mitta Thakrar

By Mitta Thakrar

Senior Now & Beyond Editor