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15 things that happen when you’re head over heels in love with BTS

If you’re on the internet, then you know BTS. BTS are a South Korean septet and they have a massive fanbase called the A.R.M.Y. (Adorable Representative MC for Youth). A.R.M.Y.s are everywhere on the internet and around the world because BTS are quite a big deal (in case you didn’t already know).

Now, while being an A.R.M.Y. is a lot of fun, it’s also a real struggle when you’re an international A.R.M.Y. Here’s how:

1. You can’t stick to a bias – is that even a thing when it comes to BTS?


This is a universal struggle, no matter, if you’re a K-A.R.M.Y. or an international A.R.M.Y., choosing a bias, is so hard because all seven of them are so cute, adorable, talented, handsome, funny, and the list never really ends, so… 

2. You’re always calculating KST (Korean Standard Time) when they announce literally anything


Because you never know what they’ll drop, when, and you don’t want to miss a single thing, obviously…

3. You’re always searching “BTS (video name) eng subs” on YouTube


Or else you will end up watching 20 minutes of them talking/singing in Korean, not understanding a thing, but laughing along every time someone laughs in the video. 

4. Hearing “But they all look the same” when you tell people you love BTS


The blatant racism isn’t amusing anymore, y’all.

5. The fact that BTS is all you think about now – 24/7


You eat, sleep, dream, walk, talk, drink, cry – you live BTS. And you have absolutely no regrets about it. This is regardless of whether you’re a Korean A.R.M.Y. or international – they are always on your mind.

6. When people say “You don’t even understand what they’re saying” and think you’ll actually stop loving the boys just because you don’t know Korean


Okay, here’s the deal – you think music has a language? Because we’re here to tell you that it really doesn’t. Music transcends language, location, and any other mundane barriers that you think are relevant here because we love the boys regardless. 

7. Not knowing when #ArmySelcaDay is because everyone posts according to their own timezone and you don’t know what’s real and what’s not anymore


You think it’s on Monday but people are already posting their selfies and it’s still Sunday, so you post your selfie too and then suddenly, it’s Tuesday and people are still posting selfies so you don’t even know what’s happening anymore. Are we even here? Are BTS even real? Am I real? (The second one is still up for debate, though.)

8. Watching their live streams (without subtitles) and just staring at their faces


You’ll admire the beauty, you’ll love what you’re watching, but won’t understand a thing! But you’ll still go along with it. And then later, you’ll watch the same live stream with subtitles, and understand what was actually going on. #typical

9. Using misunderstood BTS lyrics videos on YouTube to memorize the Korean lyrics


“Wonhae money money” is just one of the few gems you’ve found through this process. It’s always a really good laugh and you actually end up learning the Korean lyrics because if you tried learning the romanized version, you know it’d take you a lifetime.

10. Being envious of K-ARMYs forever because they get to see/meet the boys (multiple numbers of times)


All those cute fan signs, meet and greets, concert pictures make you so jealous, it’s unreal. Especially since you don’t know when they’ll come to your country – if at all they do.

11.  When people say stuff like “You only love them because they’re good looking”


Hate to burst your bubble but, we actually love them for their hilarious AF personalities – the good looks are just an added advantage. 

12. Freaking out for real when BTS are played on your local radio station/music channel


You can’t believe this is actually happening because you are just not used to your local radio stations recognizing true talent.

13. Knowing (a little too much) about Korean culture because well….


Let’s just say we’re all cultural connoisseurs who are genuinely curious about Korean culture? *sly smiles all around*

14. Wanting the people around you to find out about them but also, you kind of wish they didn’t


It’s a constant struggle because you love the fact that they’re your own little secret and you don’t have to share them with anybody, but also, having someone to fangirl with won’t be the worst thing in the world.

15. Struggling to purchase the official merchandise because the shipping charges are basically your worst nightmare


Like, listen – we love these boys and we want everything we possibly can have related even remotely to them but we’re all going to end up super broke by the end of this. Then again, our love for the boys is irrevocable (and incorrigible) so, oh well… 

So while we love the boys and being an A.R.M.Y., it truly isn’t one of the easiest things in the world. Nevertheless, it’s definitely one of the most fun.

By Arushi Tandon

Arushi is a Sociology major based out of New Delhi, India. She graduated from the University of Delhi in 2017 and has since worked across sectors which include non-profits, journalism, HR, travel and education. She currently works at Ashoka University as a Teaching Assistant. A voracious reader and literature fanatic, Arushi finds happiness in reading, writing and pursues creative non-fiction as a passion project along with academic writing professionally. Enthusiastic about issues around gender, culture, lifestyle and health - this trickles into her writing and work.