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15 plus-sized brides giving us life with their drop-dead gorgeous looks


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Tons of hard work goes into a wedding.

There are months – even years – of planning, thousands of dollars spent, and an incredible amount of behind-the-scenes stress.

However, couples are willing to work through the sweat and tears because the payoff – a fairytale wedding – is worth it. Unfortunately, most of this stress and related pressure inevitably fall onto the bride’s shoulders. She is the one expected to be the most pristine and flawless. As a result, far too many brides turn to crash diets and cleanses in a desperate attempt to slim down before the big day.

But the tides are turning with more and more brides rocking their beautiful, authentic selves for their big day. In doing so, these plus-size brides are breaking down barriers and demystifying stigmas about what a “traditional” bride should look like.

1.  Let’s be real, she didn’t need the squad to look as good as she does.

2. This bride who opted for shimmery gold instead of white.

3. The bride who went for the accentuated fishtail dress and looked like a mermaid queen.


4. They tell plus size women to stay away from ruffles. Obviously, they’re wrong.


5. A sweetheart neckline for those curves? Perfection.


6. Pretty in pink, pretty in plus size.

7.  This all-natural bride with her all-natural floral theme.

8. This bride who had the confidence to add a pop of color – with her hair.

9. Who needs a white dress when you can make gray look this good?


10. You can’t buy this kind of happiness.

11. This plus-sized couple is giving us serious relationship goals.

12. Elegance can’t even begin to explain this bride.

13. The vintage trend looks so sophisticated on this gorgeous bride.

14. We are living for the pop of red!

15. Who said white dresses were mandatory?

These plus-size brides prove that there’s no correct way or “right size” to be a bride; they were able to create unique looks that incorporated their personal style and fashion tastes. As a result, they achieved dazzlingly wedding day outfits and were able to spend this special day feeling fab and surrounded by loved ones – and that’s something we all deserve, no matter what our size.