These are 5 pretty wedding invitations that won’t break your budget

Think you have to spend a ton on wedding invites? Think again.

Planning a wedding is expensive. Trust me, I’ve been doing this for a month now.

Everything from flowers to centerpieces to presents to outfits… it all adds up. And once that bill comes, we wish we’d saved where we could. That’s why when it came time to make the invitations, I couldn’t bring myself to fork over another wad of cash for pieces of paper that will probably end up in some distant family member’s bin. Instead, I searched the internet for the one thing it’s sure to provide: free stuff.

And I’ve never regretted it. People were amazed by the free template I picked for our big day. They commented on the simple, romantic design, and couldn’t believe it when I confessed that I’d used a free website. In fact, many of them asked for the website name so they could use it themselves!

1. Greetings Island

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Greetings Island is the site I used for my wedding invites. Their interface is super easy to navigate and offers everything from traditional designs to modern ones. Personally, I picked the one featured above. It fit in surprisingly well with our theme and guess what? It took 10 minutes to make.

2. Wedding Chicks

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Wedding Chicks is great for one defining reason: they give you much more than you bargained for. Not only do they do designs for wedding invitations, but some of their templates include matching place cards, table numbers, RSVP cards, save-the-dates and even more. It’s the perfect site to use if you want to kit your wedding out with one beautiful style.

3. Cards and Pockets

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Cards and Pockets offer beautiful, bold designs, in every color imaginable. From watercolor to geometric designs, this site is a great choice for couples wanting a variety to choose from. Many of their designs are really different, the perfect choice for quirky, out-of-the-box weddings. Check out this Venn diagram one.

4. Love and Lavender

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Love and Lavender offer both free and paid wedding invitation templates, giving you many different options to choose from. I especially love their vast choice in color schemes and thematic designs. You’ll find the chalkboard theme pictured above a staple on Pinterest; not surprising considering its easygoing design for a more laid back event.

5. Printable Invitation Kits

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Printable Invitation Kits is perfect for cutesy designs like above. They also feature a huge selection of elegant choices, many of which are great for traditional weddings. The owls on the above invitation are simple and adorable; perfect for close-knit family and friend weddings.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to the trove of free stuff the internet has to offer. If saving money is your game plan for your wedding, consider these five amazing sites that offer both quality and versatility. Their selection is so great, I’ll be printing my invites and saving them in my wedding folder to show my kids one day.