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26 Sikh couples that will make you believe in love again

Instagram / @weddingzz.co

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There’s nothing better than seeing pure, unadulterated love to brighten your day. These Sikh couples prove that love lasts forever – and looks good too.

1. I can literally feel the love!

2. Most beautiful couple.

3. #sikhweddinggoals

4. Everything on fleek!

5. Color coordination level 999999.

6. Awww!

7. These two are royalty.

8. Everything about this bride is perfect.

9. Love can last forever.

10. So cute!

11. Butterflies!

12. Candid photos are the best.

13. So beautiful.

14. Coolest. Couple. Ever.

15. We love the fall vibes here.

16. So romantic.

17. These two will dance together for the rest of their days.

18. They look straight out of a movie.

19. They are so perfect together.

20. So damn stylish!

21. Move over Cinderella.

22. I don’t think you’ll ever get a wider smile.

23. They look perfect for one another.

24. The poster couple for happiness.

25. These two are on a fast-track to being wedding models!

26. Pretty in pink.