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32 times we reminded Trump to keep his #HandsOffMyBC

No woman's health choices should be dictated by a boss and no woman's health should EVER be dictated by Trump.

Today 45 announced his latest move in the War on Women, when he announced that he was officially rolling back Obamacare coverage for birth control. Under Obamacare, birth control was considered an essential health benefit, which meant that it was covered in entirety, allowing women to obtain birth control for free.

The new regulations announced today expand insurer’s and employer’s rights to refuse to cover birth control on religious or moral grounds. The logic is the same as the logic that was used to support the Hobby Lobby decision in 2014. Essentially, insurers and employers can now refuse to provide birth control to their employees by claiming that covering birth control is against their religion or they have a “moral objection” to birth control, which is maddeningly and purposely vague.

According to the agencies behind the regulation change, only about 120,000 women will be impacted. However, experts believe that this regulation change will allow a vast number of insurers and employers to change the way they provide coverage for birth control, so really there’s no way to know how many women will suddenly have to start paying for their healthcare.

Of course, Twitter responded to the announcement almost immediately. The hashtag #HandsOffMyBC started trending shortly after the announcement was made and has been trending pretty much all day.

1. Many reminded us that women use BC for many health-related reasons

2. NARAL quickly reminded us of the classism of the new regulations

3. Many pointed out the obvious: that reproductive choices are the woman’s to make

4. And we were reminded of Conservative hypocrisy

5. Our faves pointed out that equality is at the heart of the issue

6. Someone brought up the implications for “douche-bro Republicans”

7. And some reminded us that health insurance is literally for covering health-related costs

8. Some suggested that men will just have to pick up the slack

9. And we were reminded that is way more than just women’s bodies

10. Some reaffirmed that Obamacare was right when they deemed BC an essential health benefit

11. And more Republican hypocrisy came to light

12. And even more…

13. Women reminded the world that we’ll never stop fighting for control of our own bodies

14. Many pointed out the sickening fact that the Right cares more about regulating women’s bodies than regulating guns

15. Our badass representatives stood up for us

16. And some asked some really great questions

17. National organizations promised to fight for women

18. And Planned Parenthood gave us the straight up facts

19. The HRC pointed out that this is really about freedom

20. Some got right to the point, providing succinct summaries of the real issues

21. Many tried to remind the Right of the separation of church and state

22. For some, sarcasm was the only appropriate response

23. For others, aggression was the answer

24. And the correct word was assigned to the decision: inhumane

25. Many pointed out that if men could get pregnant this wouldn’t be an issue

26. And some reminded us that birth control is essential for mental health

27. The parallels with “The Handmaid’s Tale” didn’t go unnoticed

28. The facts were made clear

29. More astute questions were asked, exposing even more hypocrisy

30. Many reminded 45 of the consequences of his actions

31. Many pointed out that women are already paying enough

32. And the ultimate point was made: WOMEN DON’T OWE YOU AN EXPLANATION FOR ANYTHING.