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These 23 Chinese bridal makeup looks will enhance your natural beauty


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Simple, nude tones and brilliant pops of red – these Chinese brides are going to blow you away with their elegant looks.

1. Perfect for a Spring wedding.

2. Makeup to bring out her natural glow.

3. An ear cuff completes this elegant look.

4. Total vintage vibes!

5. Red is the color of romance.

6. Peachy makeup to match her ornamental hairdo!

7. This look is simple and gorgeous.

8. We love this natural makeup and hair combo.

9. F.I.E.R.C.E.

10. Is black lace ever not beautiful?

11. Beautiful makeup for a beautiful outfit.

12. Cutest bride ever!

13. Everything about this is perfect.

14. Freaking ROYAL!

15. These two are ready for their spread in Vogue.

16. Red lipstick will never go out of style.

17. Envious.

18. Eyelashes forever!

19. She looks so happy!

20. Color coordination goals.

21. I hear wedding bells.

22. She looks like a princess.

23. Striking doesn’t even begin to describe this bride.