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13 black wedding dresses to fulfill your Halloween-inspired dreams


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White wedding dresses are the stuff of nightmares for those of us who aren’t interested in a traditional wedding. Whether it’s the expectations that come with donning white tulle or the way it doesn’t quite fit our larger-than-life personalities, white wedding dresses just aren’t for everyone.

And if you’re getting married in October it’s the perfect excuse to have an all-out Halloween-themed wedding!


So for your inner Sarah-Jessica Parker or Avril Lavigne, here are 13 black wedding dresses to get you ready for your perfect Halloween wedding.

1. The most sophisticated couple!

2. Tulle has never looked this good.

3. Black and purple are perfect for a Halloween wedding.

4. A vintage-inspired dress that would make Morticia Addams proud.

5. Get a dress that compliments your body art.

6. There’s nothing better than a clean, black silhouette.

7. A beautiful train for a beautiful bride.

8. Black and red were made for each other.

9. Why not change it up with elegant gray?

10. Colorful hair against a black dress is all you need to stand out.

11. The cane totally completes this look.

12. Total Kat Von D vibes!

13. Black wedding dress, black tux, black macarons? Say. No. More.

Would you wear a black wedding dress?