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STICK IT TO THE MAN: The Challenging Authority Mix

For when the man is crushing your soul.

To quote Jack Black’s character from School of Rock, “the world is run by the man.” Every day we face oppressive forces in our society be it racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. that are meant to hold us back. But we don’t have to sit idly by and take the injustice. This mixtape is all about standing up for yourself and sticking it the man. It features female artists who, like yourself, are sick and tired of the stereotypes, expectations, and constraints society has placed on them. If the man’s got you feeling down know that you’re not alone, and find inspiration in these songs so you can go out there and stick it to the man yourself.

Aretha Franklin- Respect 

Aretha Franklin
The Daily Beast

Aretha Franklin knows that she deserves her partner’s respect, and she’s not going to give in until she gets it. This song is a great reminder to all women that we deserve respect in our relationships. And it can also be applied as an anthem to the civil rights movement and fight for equality, because the basis of human rights is respect for all people regardless of identity. 

Joan Jett-Bad Reputation 

Joan Jett
Guitar World

In this song, Joan Jett offers up the ultimate middle finger to outdated gender roles and anybody who tries to police women’s behavior. As the lyrics express, Jett doesn’t give a damn if her behavior has given her a bad reputation, because “a girl can do what she wants to do” regardless of if society approves or not.

M.I.A- Paper Planes

Always Judging

This song is a parody for how people in the US, as well as the government, view immigrants as scary and threatening. M.I.A mocks the idea that immigrants and refugees are just here to “take your money” without contributing anything to society. Although this has become a popular talking point by some politicians, immigrants are no different than people born in American in that they’re just trying to do their best to get by.

Destiny’s Child- Survivor

Destiny's Child

This song is the perfect anthem for anyone who’s ever had been told by an ex partner that you wouldn’t be able to live without them. This is obviously not true and Beyoncé, Michelle, and Kelly are here to remind you that you’re a survivor and don’t need that kind of negativity. After all, the best revenge is to just live your life and show how much better off you are without them.

Hayley Kioko- Girls Like Girls 

Hayley Kioko
Way Too Indie

Hayley Kioko is here to steal yo girl. This song is an anthem about a girl who steals another guy’s girlfriend and it repeats the line “girls like girls like boys do”. It’s a simple and seemingly obvious statement, but is also very necessary because girl-girl relationships are often depicted as over-sexualized and for male consumption. The song reminds listeners that romantic relationships between women are just as legitimate as heterosexual relationships.

Halsey- Hurricane


Halsey sings about how she can’t be pinned down or claimed by anyone or anything. She’s doesn’t belong to a man or a city, but is rather “a wandress, a one night stand”. The song also embraces the fact that she is disruptive and takes up space rather than apologizing for, it which women so often unfairly feel the need to do.

Bikini Kill- Rebel Girl

Bikini Kill

The song starts off sounding like a petty and jealous take down of a woman, objecting that another girl “thinks she’s the queen of the neighborhood”. But it is shortly revealed that the singer actually has a crush on this girl, and it develops into a love song from one woman to another and an anthem for female solidarity.

Meredith Brooks- Bitch

Meredith Brooks
AV Club

In the song, Brooks lists off the many sides to herself. She doesn’t hold back and embraces the good, the bad, and the ugly. In her own words, she’s “a bitch…a lover…a child…a mother…a sinner…a saint” and she feels no shame, proving that women are multi faceted and complex and can’t be put in a box or defined by societal stereotypes.

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