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15 signs that you’re absolutely addicted to your phone

You know who you are.

Have you ever known someone that doesn’t own a phone, or, at least, a phone without smart capabilities? It’s almost unimaginable to think about in our society. I struggle to wonder what I did before I owned a phone – what was my life like?

Unfortunately, we tend to rely on these devices to the point that they’re hard to live without. Here are fifteen signs to tell if your smartphone relationship is actually a smartphone addiction.

1. Your phone is within arms-length from where you sleep.

Waking up with phone

It’s the first thing you check when you wake up and the last thing you look at before you go to bed. Your phone never sleeps, so do you really need to, too?

2. You constantly check your phone throughout the day for new notifications.

Crying while holding phone

And when you don’t see anything, you start to open your apps just to make sure.

3. You walk around with your phone in the air when you lose signal.

Scene from the Lion King

But that Snapchat has to be posted now!

4. You never have enough charge to last you the entire day.

Exasperated at phone

It’s painful to see that red color in the corner of your screen and you almost regret using all those apps. Almost.

5. You run for your charger as if you’re running for your life.

Scene from Forrest Gump

Technically, your phone is life and you’d never let yourself die.

6. Your phone overheats. Often.

Selena Gomez scrolling through phone

Because you haven’t set it down once.

7. You text on the toilet.

Girl saying "Please don't judge me right now."

A bathroom break is still a break, so why not take advantage of it?

8. You consider your phone to be your +1 at parties.

Channing Tatum making an exaggerated phone call

It’s the only thing you interact with when you’re there anyway.

9. You feel anxious when you leave your phone behind.

Panic attack

Your phone can’t do anything without you, so how can you do anything without it?

10. Losing your phone means losing everything you own.

Phone getting knocked out of hand

It’s even more important than your wallet because credit cards can be replaced.

11. You consider any screen bigger than your phone’s to be hi-def.

Texting up close to face

You can finally see the entire image without having to zoom!

12. You feel your phone vibrating even when it’s not.

Pulling phone out of pocket

It’s calling to you. At least, you think it is. You really hope it is.

13. You randomly check your pockets to make sure your phone is still there.

Searching for phone frantically

And if it’s not in the first pocket you touch, you have a mini panic attack.

14. You’ve run into more than one object while looking at your phone.

Guy falling into fountain while texting

But it’s so much more interesting than the real world.

15. Your phone is the only device you need to survive.

Happy reaction to phone

It’s a camera, it’s a GPS, it’s the internet, it’s life. That’s why they call it smart.

If this sounds like you, then maybe it’s time to consider some time apart from your phone. Admitting that you are addicted to your phone is the first step to recovery. Try to turn it off every once in a while; you will be doing you and your phone a favor.