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3 fitness apps to keep you in shape without a personal trainer

Without a coach constantly yelling in my ears and telling me what to do, it can be hard to find the motivation to exercise.

The gym used to intimidate me. All my previous exercise had come from sports so going to the gym was new territory for me. Without a coach constantly yelling in my ears and telling me what to do, it can be hard to find the motivation to exercise. Unless you have the money, personal trainers can be pretty expensive too.

Recently, fitness has become a booming industry with the rising health consciousness. There are fitness bloggers, fitness foodies, fitness fashionistas, and, of course, fitness apps. The apps are a great way of having a personal trainer without any prior training experience (and it’s free!). Plus, you can use them to keep track of your progress. Here are three apps that I use to stay in shape while keeping fitness fun.

1. Nike+ Training Club by Nike, Inc

My life revolves around planning which Nike understands. This app has helped me to balance schoolwork and exercise in college by offering personalized training plans designed to fit my needs and schedule. Every week the plan updates with personal recommendations based on your routine. Each plan is built by you, for you.

The workouts are short and effective so even if I have a lot of homework, I still have time to get in a quick sweat. I like going to the gym for the atmosphere, but with Nike Training Club App it’s not necessary. You can choose bodyweight exercises or choose an option that uses equipment. And the new update also includes yoga!  Whether your goal is to get strong, build endurance, or become more flexible, there is a workout for everyone.

As an added bonus, celebrities are the featured trainers for some of the workouts. Kevin Hart already makes my stomach hurt from laughing, but now he is also making my legs burn on the NTC app. The app makes it easy to track your progress and any activity that you do outside also count. It doesn’t matter if you are just getting started with your training or an athlete like me, the app will get you in shape all the same.

2. Workout: Gym personal trainer & workout tracker by Fitness 22

It’s time we get over the stigma of girls lifting weights because when I was using Workout, that’s all I did. If you don’t know a move, don’t worry! I would have been pretty lost myself without the video tutorials demonstrating the proper technique on each machine. But after using the app for a while, I found myself training friends at something I had been completely inexperienced in just a few months prior.

The app gives workout options depending on how many times a week you want to exercise. I ended up customizing my own workout using the exercises listed under specific target muscles (because abs are my life struggle). There is a paid premium option, but I found the free workouts were numerous and challenging enough to keep me satisfied. I could tell I was making progress whenever I started to add on more reps or sets to one of the exercises. And if you don’t know those terms yet, I promise you will after using this app.

3. Sworkit Lite by Nexercise

I discovered Sworkit when I was looking for an app that would give me a quick stretch in between doing homework. After downloading it though, I discovered it was so much more. Sworkit is legit; in fact, it was rated #1 by the American College of Sports Medicine for aerobic, strength and resistance, and flexibility components.

There are different categories to meet different fitness goals such as strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching. If you don’t know where to start then Sworkit has a few suggestions of its own to get you ready for the summer or something simpler, like morning stretches. No matter which one I choose, the intensity never varies which has made me consistently happy with the post-workout feels.

My favorite part is the timer which allows me to do the workout for however long I want to. Just because you choose to do a shorter workout time does not make the exercises any easier. With Sworkit, you can see what moves each workout has, but you never know what order they will come in so it forces you to stay on your toes. This fitness playlist is one you will want to have on rerun every day.

Fitness apps make it enjoyable for me to go to the gym now that I know what exercises to do and how to do them. Once you become more familiar with your fitness goals, you can start narrowing your search to apps that will help you meet them. Until then, these apps offer a little of everything which is perfect if you’re new to the fitness fad, although, it won’t be for long!