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For any person of color or minority, white supremacists have always been a reality

Forget the terms “alt-right”, “white nationalist”, “white supremacist." Let’s call nazis what they are – an ignorant, egotistical, toxic group of human beings who incite hate and thrive on dividing us.

Nazism, a concept that I never imagined I would have to talk about in this day and age. Although looking back, it is obvious that white supremacy never left our history books, so I can’t say that I am too surprised.

Nazism is a far-right ideology that is also sometimes referred to as a form of fascism. There are a bunch of elements that make up this ideology. They range from scientific racism, nationalism, anti-Semitism and social Darwinism. Basically a combination of all of the disgusting, toxic mentalities that mankind can possess under one shiny title. It works on the idea of privilege, superiority, and entitlement usually held by white people.

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During Hitler’s time, Nazism attempted to unite people (well, some people) who belonged to the “superior race” in order to basically wipe out all other ethnicities from its land. They created an “us” vs “them” mindset that inflicted unmeasurable amounts of evil onto this world. Sound familiar?

Then there is the concept of the “Aryan race”, the superior race. I love it when bigots appropriate words that they don’t understand. The name of the Aryan race derives from the Sanskrit word “Arya,” which means pure. They literally used language from foreigners to discriminate against foreigners.

People who were not considered Aryan – the ethnic minorities, people with different beliefs and disabilities – were referred to as “Untermenschen,”  meaning “subhumans.” Hitler is an example that white nationalists have always felt entitled to land that was not always necessarily theirs to begin with. (You know Hitler was born in Austria, not Germany right?)

It’s easy to get carried away looking at the ideas and policies of the Nazi’s of the past that we ignore what they did. I don’t think we’ll ever know exactly the amount of lives lost and affected by the Nazi regime, but they killed up to 6 million Jews. 7 million Soviet civilians. 1.8 non-Jewish Polish civilians. 212,000 Serb civilians. 250,000 people with disabilities. 196,000 Roma civilians. 1,900 Jehovahs Witnesses. 70,000 other criminals.

Each and every one was a person, like you and me. Who deserved to live. Who died because of hate, fear, and injustice.

This doesn’t even count the people who fought and died to get rid of this ideology, or this disease. In Germany being a Nazi is illegal, and most of history agrees that what they did was horrific.

So to see swastikas and Nazi salutes on our screens in 2017, speaking as a person of color, is terrifying.

They may have had many faces and names during the long history of our world, but white supremacists didn’t go anywhere, they have always been here. Ask people of color, ask the Black Lives Matter movement, ask any marginalized group. Just pick up a history book if you don’t believe me. The only difference is that they are now being shoved in your faces and ignoring them is no longer an option.

I’m curious though, as to how what entitles a group of people to believe they are more worthy of land, life, and liberty than another group? Did ya’ll get a godsent-message telling you to commit mass-murder? Has this sense of privilege and entitlement been so deeply entrenched in them since birth that they live life through blinkers? Like seriously.

Forget the terms “alt-right”, “white nationalist”, “white supremacist.” Let’s call nazis what they are – an ignorant, egotistical, toxic group of human beings who incite hate and thrive on dividing us.

Don’t tell me that Nazis are not dangerous, that these white supremacists have a right to peacefully protest. Because to me, anger is the only rational reaction to these creatures. Anger and resistance.