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Indian women #AintYourCinderella and we’re all for this movement

Honey, it's 20-freaking-17. So why can't we just win for once?

We just can’t win, can we? You’ll undermine us in our moments of weakness and in our moments of strength. We just cannot win. You want to strip us of everything and play the role of Cinderella’s evil stepmom, and victim-shame when we refuse to.

Well, honey, it’s 20-freaking-17.

The incident started with Varnika Kundu, an Indian woman who accused an Indian politician’s son and his friends of stalking her, with a possible intent to kidnap, while she was driving home, in a detailed Facebook post. In response, the BJP politician asked why the victim was “allowed to stay out late.” In response, Indian women have taken over Twitter, tweeting pictures at midnight with the hashtag #AintYourCinderella.

Bye Cinderelli, and hello Joan of Arc.

ENOUGH with the double standards of staying out late.

These women are not taking it from BJP.

We’re independent, strong women.



Check your watches yet? Let me tell you what time it is

It’s a revolution, and we’re with you in solidarity

  • Mashal Waqar

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