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PERIOD MIX: The playlist for your uterus

Rupi Kaur

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When I first watched No Strings Attached, the one thing that always stuck with me was the idea of a Period Mix. Ever since then, every year I make myself a list to listen to every month as my periods go by. Some days I’m happy, some days I’m angry and others I’m in pain. Here are some of the songs you can listen to with me, as we go through the hormonal and emotional rollercoaster one more time.

We Heart it

1. Bleeding Love || Leona Lewis


The perfect song to belt out to when all you want to do is cry. As you keeeeep bleeding, keeeep keeeep bleeding, love.

2. Red Red Wine || UB40


If you haven’t served yourself a glass of wine yet, this song will force you to pour yourself one. It’s also a great tune to pick yourself up!

3. Bad Blood || Bastille

The Sun

Apart from the name, this tune is amazing as Bastille’s lead has such a soothing voice and the beat is great for jamming out.

4. Bleeding out || Imagine Dragons


If the title doesn’t make you roll your eyes, then the lyrics might – the perfect hit as you’re bleeding out. Literally.

5. Waterfalls || TLC


On those heavy flow days, listen to this song and don’t go chasing after a waterfall

6. Fuck you || Lilly Collins

Christian Post

For those days when you just can’t deal with anything or anyone and all you want to say is fuck you, fuck you very very much.

7. Cold Water || Major Lazer feat. Justin Beiber


To enlighten your day, here’s a little Beibs. But, don’t go jumping into cold water.

8. Panda X Formation Mashup || Beyonce & Desiigner Remix

How Land Echoes

When you’re nearing the end, just waiting to get into formation.

9.  Shake it off || Taylor Swift

Rolling Stone

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of your period/playlist. Now you can shake it off, until next time.

  1. Bleeding Love Leona Lewis 4:23
  2. Red Red Wine UB40 3:24
  3. Bad Blood Bastille 3:34
  4. Bleeding Out Imagine Dragons 3:43
  5. Waterfalls TLC 5:15
  6. Fuck you Lilly Collins 3:36
  7. Cold Water Major Lazer feat. Justin Bieber 3:05
  8. Panda X Formation Mashup Beyonce & Desiigner 2:57
  9. Shake it off Taylor Swift 4:02


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