8 absolutely stunning Desi bridal dresses that prove that red is no longer the default

Desi traditions have always called for a red lehenga as a bridal dress. Not anymore.

Imagine every Desi wedding you have been to. What did the bride wear? Even if you don’t remember, I’m sure you at least remember the color and style she wore.

And it was probably a red lehenga.

Tradition is very important in Desi culture, which is why the red lehenga has reigned for so long. However, Desi bridal wear has since evolved. Designers are getting more and more confident with their designs, experimenting with new colors, styles, and looks. This phenomenon is backed by Desi brides who have grown more confident in breaking cultural traditions to be able to wear what they want on their wedding day.

It should be noted that Desi weddings usually always have a minimum of three events.

The main event, which is considered the actual wedding, is called the Baraat. This is the day the bride is officially married and heads to her new home with her husband. While brides are allowed to experiment with colors and wear lighter ones on the Mehndi and Valima,; they are almost always asked to wear red on their Baraat.

But not anymore. These dresses completely blow red out of the water.

1. The perfect peach

This peach bridal gown by Zara Shahjahan is everything! A lot of people think brides should wear super bright colors on their wedding day. However, this peach number would look great on any bride.

It is not only elegant but feels like it would great to wear for a summer wedding.

2. The regal gold

This golden bridal gown by Rema and Shehrbano looks like a dream.

I am sure no one would ever object to a bride wearing gold on her wedding – after all, brides usually wear twenty-five pounds of gold jewelry during their wedding.

It not only looks stunning but is the accent color of choice in nearly all bridal gowns. Thus wearing a dress which is totally gold isn’t a bad idea, is it?!

3. The easy-to-carry angarkha

The only simple thing about the angarkha is how easy it is to carry. Unlike the lehenga, in which you have to go around watching your every move so that you don’t trip, the angarkha has a chooridar pajama which provides more mobility and looks fabulous.

If you dislike the flowy and heavy feeling of lehengas and ghararas, then an angarkha with a chooridar is perfect for you.

4. The stunning sea green

This sea green bridal wear lehenga by Kamiar Rokni is just divine. A lot of brides opt to wear colors such as green and yellow on their Mehndi, but this gorgeous number proves you can rock a sea green dress on your Baraat as well.

You’d end up looking like a total queen as you do so!

5. A beautiful sari

“FIRDAUS by SabyasachiPhotography: Tarun Khiwal Models: Archana Akhil Kumar, Vishakha Bharadwaj & Rasika Navare ”

The popular Indian designer Sabyasaachi came out with a collection of bridal dresses, which included sari. Wearing a lehenga, gharara, or sharara is not necessary for a bride, but saris are starting to become part of the norm.

Therefore, if you want, you can choose a unique getup altogether, opting for a sari instead. It’ll look incredible, no matter what color or style you go for.

6. The ethereal white

These Pakistani bridal dresses in different shades of white by Sana Safinaz speak to my soul.

Previously, it was seen as bad luck for a bride to wear white on her wedding, since this is a color typically worn while in mourning. However, this trend is slowly changing, as more and more brides opt to wear white.

Wearing a white bridal dress on your Baraat will not only look great but also make you feel like a fairy princess. I guarantee it.

7. A lovely rustic copper

This beautiful copper-colored bridal dress is from Fnkasia by Huma Adnan. If you don’t want to divert too far from red, it has enough hints of red in it for you to be able to pull it off without anyone batting an eye. Rust is such a brilliant color and goes well with so many others.

You can decide the color combination according to what you like and what suits you – but rest assured, a rust colored bridal dress is a clear winner on any bride.

8. The East-meets-West fusion

Growing up with fairy tales meant dreaming about a white flowy white wedding dress with a white veil while at the same time lusting after lehengas with beautiful and intricate embroidery on the dupatta and kameez. 

You can combine both dream wedding dresses by opting for a wedding dress with a veil.

No matter what color or style you choose, make sure it is something that you are completely happy with yourself as well. Don’t wear a bridal dress to please your family or long-held traditions. Choose a color and style that pleases you.

This is one of the biggest days of your life, so make sure you put your preferences first.