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Tech Nomad Travel Guide: The Coffee Tale

One visit to this fairy tale coffee shop is all you need to find happily ever after

If you’re an online freelancer or entrepreneur, you have the benefit of being able to work from anywhere. The nomadic, online workforce is growing larger and larger. An army of twentysomethings with MacBooks in hand is traversing the globe in search of strong coffee, fast wifi, and a space to call their own even if just for a few months. At The Tempest, we know what that’s like. As a global company, with our entire team working remotely we are part of that army and we’re here to tell you about The Tempest‘s favorite places to work around the world.

For this edition, we’re writing from California, U.S.

Tech Nomad Stop: The Coffee Tale

Everyone needs a working space where they can feel at home. No one knows this better than the team at The Tempest. As a global company, there are coffee shops from around the world fueling our minds to be the empowering, disruptive, and amplifying voices we project to the rest of the world.

When I returned from college on summer break to work remotely for The Tempest, I found it almost impossible to be productive at home. I’m amazed at how I did it in high school because, now, it makes me feel suffocated. I was craving a work environment where I could write my articles in peace, yet still be in a public space. That’s how I discovered The Coffee Tale.

Located in Huntington Beach, California, The Coffee Tale is my idea of a fairy tale coffee shop. It’s nestled away in a story book setting called Old World which gives the vibes of a traditional European town. Getting to The Coffee Tale requires you to walk past The Speak Easy bar, a consignment store, and Hookah Cafe, but there are more places to visit in the area, such as an award-winning German restaurant and bakery.

Tucked away among all these other shops, there is obviously something unique about The Coffee Tale which allows it to remain there. It’s not just because they have the same old-fashioned interior (although it is a nice touch). No, what really makes The Coffee Tale special is the coffee. And I’m not talking about the stuff you buy at Starbucks.

They serve authentic Turkish coffee.

Contain your excitement until you actually take a sip of one of these bad boys. Or at least snap a picture of the creative foam art that makes your drink look too pretty to sip. And the secret happy ending to this miracle mocha? A complimentary Turkish delight. Once I closed my eyes to the horror of ruining such a masterpiece and finally had my first taste, it became pretty clear why Turkish coffee deserves the hype.

Turkish coffee is produced from a classic drip, or as they informed me a very slow drip. Just one brew takes about eight to ten hours! But that’s also what makes it significantly stronger. Each serving comes in a small little teacup because any more than that would probably kill you. Plus, their prices didn’t break my budget. You’ll find everything under ten dollars, and my drink only costs four dollars. I’m a poor college student and I can’t afford to be drinking fancy coffee every day, but this was absolutely worth it.

I was pounding away at my work so fast, I almost had to remind myself to slow down if I wanted to stay longer and enjoy the atmosphere. The Coffee Tale is relatively small; however, you will never find it overflowing with people. There is a steady stream of customers throughout the day, but the noise level was very minimal and they did not have any music playing when I went.

Speaking of which, the wi-fi gave me no problems at all; it was fast and didn’t have a timeout on the session. Most people that go to The Coffee Tale are there to do work so you can expect a reliable connection without having to compete with anyone for the free wifi. My cell reception faltered a bit trying to find a connection, but that’s more of a carrier problem if anything.

You’re not going to find an actual meal at The Coffee Tale (you can get that at the restaurants outside), but you can find the next best thing. Desserts. While I was there, I opted for their famous 7 Layers of Goodness bar. And believe me, it lives up to the name. Everything is inexpensive for unique eats. I was almost tempted to get a Baklava as well. Instead, I made it my incentive to come back.

And I will definitely be back.

  • Meghan Lannoo

    Meghan Lannoo is currently majoring in Creative Writing at Oberlin College. She gets inspiration from books, friends, and the outdoors.