Picking the right career path is tricky. I mean, it only determines the rest of your life.

I wish someone had told me that picking your degree on a whim would not be the brightest thing to do. Although I guess it should have been common sense.

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I’ll start this off by saying that I am an extremely indecisive person, I can’t pick what to wear without having a near melt-down. So you can imagine how tough picking my degree was for me. Initially, I chose Ancient History and Archeology, because I adore history and it was something that I was passionate about. The fact that I re-watched The Mummy a billion times had nothing to do with it obviously.

But after talking to family and friends and being repeatedly asked what kind of career I would end up with after picking such a specific degree, I changed my mind.

Law seemed like a more stable option, it also would have made my Desi parents proud. I knew I was good at law after studying it briefly at school and it interested me more than any of the other “Desi-approved” subjects.

At the time I was obsessed with Suits, I found that a lot of law students like me adored this show and although we all know it was unrealistic, hoped that our lives would be like this. I mean for starters I live in the U.K – it’s a whole different legal system here guys. Additionally, it takes years of dedication and hard to work be anywhere near as successful, getting there at a young age is relatively unheard of. Moreover, life is just not that dramatic, and law can be really boring and tedious for the majority of the time.

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However, I so desperately wish I had Mike Ross’s book memory, I mean for a law student that would have been a game-changer. But alas no, I had to spent days memorizing laws and cases, just like normal people.

I just wanted to be Harvey Specter –  that guy; his charisma and awesomeness are hard to describe. Then there is Rachel Zane who is just everything.  I can admit that for a while watching Suits was the only thing that kept me motivated enough to complete my degree. I mean when you’re sat with textbooks on tort and land law, life can get very dull.

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Although I adored this show and was happy to buy into this alternate reality to keep myself sane, I always knew that my life wouldn’t end up like Suits. I did work experience and understood the reality of what this career would bring. I know so many people who only ever stepped into a law firm after completing their entire degree.

To me it seemed ridiculous, I’m sure it works for some. But I just couldn’t understand how you could have studied and worked your ass off for years, without having actually seen what the end goal would be like? What if you hated it? Studying something is so different from working in it in reality. I loved my degree but even then I figured that I would hate the career.

I can’t emphasize how important it is to gain work experience and test out different fields before picking your degree. Had I tried out writing, I would have dropped everything and known it was for me. But unfortunately, I didn’t think that far and a lot of people don’t. There is just so much pressure to know what you are supposed to do that these decisions are often based on what would look and pay best, rather than what makes you happy to wake up every day and do. As much as pay is important, so is self-care. If you are going to be doing this job day in and day out for your foreseeable future, do something you enjoy.

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And please for the love of God, do not base your decision on a TV Show.


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