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7 things you can do to rock this summer if you’re jobless and broke

We're now in the middle of summer 2017 and you're stuck being bored.

Throwback to a couple months ago, when you were retweeting and favoriting tweets about how much fun you were going to have as soon as the sun came out. Beach trips, parties, staying up late, and just having your weeks filled with activities was the plan.

Fast forward to the middle of summer 2017 and you’re stuck at home bored and broke. But we’ve GOT YOU FAM.

1. Trading clothes

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You may not be able to go out and shop with your friends as much as you’d like, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get new clothes. Get you and your friends and family together and trade off your shirt for something new. Not only are you going to have a fun get together, but you’re also going to end up with some new outfits.

One of your friends might have a cute dress that you’ve been eyeing or your older cousin might have a winter scarf that you really need.

While you get something new, so does the other person! Plus, the world did function on the barter system, before currency became a thing.

2. Have a potluck

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One thing about summer is having more time to try all the restaurants you’re missing out on. However, if you are on a tight budget and you’re a foodie, we know life can be difficult. A great and inexpensive way to try new things is to host a potluck.

Let foods from different backgrounds come together to one table, and enjoy a wonderful feast.

3. Go outside and enjoy nature

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I know, how could I suggest something so weird? Going outside instead of snuggling it up with Netflix is bizarre, even for me.

Don’t shut down the idea so fast though! You can explore and appreciate nature for free. I’m not talking about going on a serious 3-hour hike (your choice by the way); you can simply go around your neighborhood. Try searching up the history of your area or city and take a trip.

You’ll never know how cool your hometown is until you’ve checked it out. You can even journal your trip or blog about it, or better yet create a scrapbook using printed photos and a few crafty materials.

4. Write

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“Wow, of course, a writer would include writing on the list!”

Haha yes, I would, now stop rolling your eyes and realize that it’s worth a try. You can look up sentence/idea starters that will get you writing for as long as your creative juices are willing to flow. I highly suggest checking out Creative Writing Now and The Story Starter Shed to get you started. You can write from your own perspective or pretend that you’re a whole different person and write from their perspective.

The kinds of stories that you can create are endless! By the end of the summer, you’ll have a book of stories you wrote for yourself to look back on and enjoy during the fall.

5. Have a water-themed day

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Get your friends to bring their swimsuits, water balloons, water slides, water guns, etc and set it up at one of your houses. Voila! You have yourself a day where you can get wet and you didn’t even have to go all the way to the beach or to the pool.

6. Meet new people

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You know what else is free? Social media apps and websites made for people to make new friends!

Usually, when we hear about meeting new people online, apps like Tinder and dating/hookups come to mind. Yet, there are tons of websites and apps where it’s made specifically for new friendships. Being safe of course, join a meetup and get to know people who have the same interests and hobbies.

There’s even an app called Meet My Dog, so you and your dog can make new friends!

7. Take the chance to learn something new

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With all this free time you have now is the best time to learn a new talent or pick a subject you’ve been wishing to know about. Have you ever wanted to know how to code? Do you want tips on how to become a millionaire?  How can these beaches glow in the darkDo you want to learn another language? You can even learn how to save up to go on vacation next summer.

There are plenty of things to inform yourself about. Take the chance before summer flies and you’re busy again.