If you’re an online freelancer or entrepreneur, you have the benefit of being able to work from anywhere. The nomadic, online workforce is growing larger and larger. An army of twentysomethings with MacBooks in hand is traversing the globe in search of strong coffee, fast wifi, and a space to call their own even if just for a few months. At The Tempest, we know what that’s like.

As a global company, with our entire team working remotely we are part of that army and we’re here to tell you about The Tempest‘s favorite places to work around the world. For this edition, we’re writing from Leicester, UK.

The best thing about being a writer is that the world is your oyster. You can write from every hidden coffee shop in the city. I adore discovering the new “hipster” place and finding an abandoned corner to curl up in for the day. This was how I came across Saints of Mokha in Leicester. It’s near enough the city center to be reachable, but still a little buried away so it’s not entirely mainstream. It’s a small store but with enough character to fill an entire street.

This place has great wifi and if you get there early you miss the gaggle of college students that stream through. With wooden chairs, quirky stools and colorful sofas, the place is just so inviting. The food is halal and the drinks can be made with all types of milk to accommodate the customer. It’s got those rare incredibly welcoming vibes and makes you feel like your custom is appreciated.

Saints of Mokha smoothie

Obviously, the best thing about coffee shops are the drinks, and this place is a heaven for coffee lovers. They are always changing up their menus with new and exciting creations. Their red velvet coffee,  a dessert in a drink, is to die for. They’ve also got a selection of herbal teas and a smoothie with edible flowers that were made to be Instagrammed.

My personal favorite is their black velvet coffee- it is strong enough that it satisfies the coffee lover in me but smooth enough to also count as my treat of the day. There are a variety of mouth-watering cakes and lunch options. For the awesome and intricate looking drinks disguised as art that you get, the prices are pretty reasonable if not lower than mainstream coffee shops.

Black Velvet Coffee

What really sells this place is the vibes that it emits, it’s not wrong to say this place is also home to artsy people. On a glance, you’ll see a bunch of groups, young entrepreneurs working on their next big thing, men in the center talking about charity work, and even women in hijabs on one side of the place discussing social activism.

Omar who owns this store with his brother is so passionate about coffee that this passion is embedded everywhere you look. The place is run by passionate young people for passionate young people and encourages productivity. Once you have your headphones on, you can actually lose count of hours, and feel like you’re in a different part of the world. But, when you take them off you will catch glimpses of conversations that will inspire you.

Passion and coffee; what an incredible mixture.

It’s the kind of place you can meet your best friend and discuss life, but it’s also homey enough to make introverts feel welcome. It doesn’t get too noisy or busy and the music is chill enough to fade into the background.

I heard that a few months ago that this place was broken into and someone stole the money in the charity boxes and caused damage to the actual store. Instead of reacting with anger or hate, they reacted with love. There was note stuck on their door addressing the thieves and forgiving them. I think that was when I fell in love with this place.

Saints of Mokha

There is just something magical about Saints of Mokha that makes me come back time and time again.


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  • Mitta Thakrar

    As Senior Now & Beyond Editor, Mitta is on a quest to make science relatable and popular. She is based in the UK, in the countryside far away from humans. Mitta has a law degree but has somehow ended up in the wondrous land of writers. She writes everything from poetry to short stories and hopes to finish her novel one day. Additionally, Mitta can be found avidly reading or playing with her cats.