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20 things you can only understand if you’re totally obsessed with cats

"What do you mean you follow more humans than cats on Instagram?"

I have loved cats for as long as I can remember, but my parents aren’t the biggest fans of the furry creatures. This has lead to a painful situation for me, in which I love cats but cannot have one as a pet. However, there are certain things which gave my cat-less existence a little happiness.

If you do not have a cat for yourself, whatever the reason may be; allergies, a landlord who has forbidden pets or even a spouse who does not like cats, you can probably relate to these 20 things as much as I do.

1. You squeal with joy anytime you spot a furry friend

Whether it’s on the street or at a friends place, meeting a furry friend will always fill you with joy.

2. Your wardrobe is filled with cat inspired clothing

You compensate for the fact that you do not have a cat with clothes that have cats on them. At least it’s something!

3. In fact, all your possessions are cat-inspired

Your phone cover, your curtains, and your area rug; anything you can get with a feline on it, you do!

4. You fantasize about owning a cat

Forget thinking about your future in terms of what career you want to pursue or what you want to achieve; you fantasize about the day you will get your very own pet cat.

5. You know exactly which cat you will get

You might not want to admit it but you just might have a favorite, so you know when the time comes, you will get a Persian, Siamese, or Tabby.

6. But honestly, you know you will adopt the first cat that looks at you

You cannot help love all cats and hence will adopt the first cat which looks your way at the adoption center.

7. You get jealous when someone else gets a cat

It seems like everyone but you seems to be getting a cat. It’s not fair but your time will come too!

8. You follow internet famous cats on all your social media outlets

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; your newsfeed is always filled with fabulous pictures of famous cats you follow.

9. People tag you in cat videos and memes all the time

Every day you wake up to a dozen or so notifications of your family and friends tagging you in cat videos they think you will enjoy.

10. Your family and friends don’t really get your obsession

They were hoping your love for cats was a phase and it would hopefully end one day.

11. You cannot think straight if there is a cat anywhere near you

If you have the luck of being near a cat then the cat is all you will think about and you will insist on petting its furry head until it lets you.

12. You feed any and every stray that you come across

Whether you’re at the park or having dinner at an outdoor restaurant; if a cat comes nearby and meows for food, you will feed it with food from your own plate!

13. You have a bag of cat food at home for your four-legged guests

You do not have a cat but you definitely have cat food in case any stray cats come to your door looking for a meal.

14. No one understands why you do not have a cat

You have your reasons for not having a cat; your sibling has allergies or your mother has forbidden it under her roof. But people don’t understand why you simply can’t get a cat when it is clearly not all that simple.

15. You befriend people solely to get to their cats

You might have made a friend or two just because you knew that person had a cat and you wanted access to their furry friend.

16. You randomly meow or hiss in conversation

You think about cats so much that you casually add a meow in everyday conversation; or a hiss if you are displeased!

17. You use baby talk with any cat you meet

They are just so precious that you just cannot help but talk to the itty bitty balls of fur with love.

18. You often dream about cats

Let’s be honest, you think about cats so much during the day that you’re bound to dream about them at night.

19. You constantly beg to be able to get a cat

If your parents or siblings are in the way of you getting a cat, you constantly try to bargain with them to let you get one.

20. You have scratches on your arms from random cats you have tried to pet

You prefer to call them tokens of love from your furry friend.

Not having a cat when you so clearly love all felines isn’t ideal but you make do. Remember to have hope for one day you just might get your own personal pet cat to spoil with your love and affection.