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I decided to get a boob job. But I still have one regret.

Even after finding bras which fit in all the right places, my boobs still cause me a lot of pain.

As a person of short stature, the last thing I ever expected to have was big boobs. None of my friends who are the same height and build as me have them. Even my mother who is average size but very petite never grew past a C cup. I had come to terms with the fact my genes would never bless me with a fuller bust or a body like Kim Kardashian.

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When I was finally at peace with my small handful, a reasonably sized B cup, the previously unimaginable happened. My boobs appeared out of nowhere and they didn’t stop growing.

I was 15 years old when I first noticed a change in my body. Well, it was hard to miss since I had gone up at least three cup sizes in a year. I’ve been competing in athletics since I was nine years old, particularly in track events. As I prepared for my race at the sideline, I thought this year would be no different.

Oh, how wrong I was.

The extra weight felt as if someone was physically holding me back, like an unwanted form of resistance training. I lost the race, the first one I’d lost in five years, and I had a crippling pain in my chest. Something didn’t feel right.


My boobs continued to grow even after the sudden growth spurt.

They were heavy and starting to sag. It was my worst nightmare as a teenage girl. I stopped competing in track the following year because it was extremely painful no matter how many sports bras I wore to strap down my chest.

My boobs became a burden and I didn’t know what I should do.

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My family, particularly my mother and grandmother, suggested I go to the doctors and ask about having a breast reduction. They knew how much pain I was in. I would come home nearly in tears. However, I declined. I was embarrassed about the issue and I didn’t want to expose the flaws of my body and risk further humiliation.

I tried the best I could to stay clear from the plastic surgeon’s table. My friend recommended Bravissimo, a British bra brand that caters to women with bigger boobs. The bras were comfortable and fashionable which is hard to come by when you’ve got a fuller bust. It was a God send.

However finding bras which fit in all the right places didn’t solve the problem.

It was a while before I noticed the curve of my spine was more prominent than usual. While I always knew about the curvature, it was putting pressure on the rest of my body. The straps of my bra had left indents on my shoulders and rubbed my back raw. I had even developed a hunchback from carrying the extra weight.

My boobs had completely changed my appearance and I had started to feel body conscious and despise the way I look. Even the way I walked was different. But it was the pain that pushed me over the edge. I knew I had to put an end to it.


Having bigger boobs is not all fun and games. I learned that the hard way through shoulder and back pain and developing a bad posture. I’ve finally decided to undergo a breast reduction. It was difficult to come to the decision after being against the idea for so long. But I knew something had to change as I couldn’t continue to suffer the unbearable tugging and pulling pain.

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Even though some people still don’t fully understand why I want a reduction and respond by saying “I wish I had big boobs,” I’m sticking to my guns. The only regret I have is not going through with it sooner.

I wish I hadn’t felt ashamed and embarrassed. I could’ve still competed in athletics or enjoyed exercising without strapping down my boobs with two sports bras. Even walking to and from would’ve been so much easier without the extra weight weighing down on my short stature.

My body will soon forgive me for the pain I have put it through. New boobs, new me coming very soon.