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5 apps to help you stop being the perpetually broke college student

Your college days are supposed to be the best days of your life, don't waste them worrying about money!

Being a college student is probably the toughest time of your life. While everyone around you keeps reminding you that you are now an adult, you might not completely feel like one. Most college students are full-time students who either work part time or rely on their parents for money.

In college, you get charged for everything you do, so much so, that it seems tuition will soon include a charge for breathing. So most college students are constantly attempting to spread their money out a little so it lasts a while, but a lot of the time they remain unsuccessful and find that they have too much month left at the end of their money!

Hence, money is something college students constantly find themselves without! So here are a few apps which might help you in managing (and hopefully saving!) your money as a college student.

1. Tun

 TUN Student Discounts- screenshot

Don’t you just hate it when you hear about a great discount on textbooks or an amazingly priced meal only to find out that the offer has ended? With TUN, you will never again have the fear of missing out. TUN notifies you about student discounts and deals in your nearby area based on your location. Not to mention, it tells you about free events happening nearby as well which you can attend and salvage your social life! Getting TUN in your phone will cure the FOMO right out of you!

And the best part is that you can get access to free items and services if you collect a certain number of points! How awesome is that!


2. UConnection

 UConnection- screenshot

Almost every college student knows what it feels like to be so broke that you had to sleep for dinner. Or at the very least, know what it is like to eat ramen consecutively for all your meals. This is where UConnection comes to help you out. Through this app, you will get to know whenever a restaurant located near you is offering food deals which might just save you from starvation!

You can even use this app to find cheap meal deals for the next time your friends want to go out for dinner but are on a tight college student budget!


3. GasBuddy

 GasBuddy: Find Cheap Gas- screenshot

It seems like gas prices are increasing daily and getting a tank full of gas is now an unaffordable dream. However, GasBuddy just might help you out with this. With GasBuddy you can find out where in your vicinity you can find the cheapest gas. You can save quite a significant amount of money with this nifty application! This app will help you get the bang (or vroom vroom) for your buck!

Another great idea in conjunction with having GasBuddy is to carpool with other people. Not only will it be even easier on your pocket but it will be great for the environment too. Double win!


4. CheckPlease Lite

 CheckPlease Lite- screenshot

Remember that episode of Friends where Phoebe screams at Ross, Chandler and Monica because they split the check equally while some of them ate the cheaper menu items. Well, that doesn’t happen in college. Why? Because everyone gets the cheaper menu items (read: share a pizza). Thus getting the CheckPlease Lite app might just be a great idea since it can help divide the bill for when everyone is ordering pizza together or your roommates want to know how much to pitch in for the groceries.

Splitting the bill after a meal used to feel like my Math final but those days are gone thanks to this app!


5. Grocery iQ

 Grocery iQ- screenshot

Most college students are living away from home the first time in their life, and a lot of times this might mean they are in-charge of getting their groceries themselves with no parental supervision. Sometimes walking through the aisles with no one telling you to put stuff you have picked out back on the shelves can be a heady experience which leaves you at the check-out counter with countless bags of chips and bars of chocolates and little else. This is why, you need Grocery iQ, an app on which you can make grocery lists and add custom categories within them. This way you will not be too distracted at the store and get things you do not need.


This app is great for a scatterbrain who is prone to losing grocery lists.

Being a college student is tough since you are on the cusp of real-actual adulthood. A lot of students find themselves knee-deep in loans and saving every single penny is of importance hence it is a great idea to cut costs wherever you easily can; whether you do it by finding free or discounted textbooks or using coupons to shop!

With these apps, you can relax and not worry about your expenses as much so that you can focus on other things such as your grades!

  • Rameeza Ahmad

    Rameeza Ahmad is currently majoring in Psychology with a minor in Media Studies at Forman Christian College. Her likes include: reading, writing (surprise!), food and felines. She dislikes: the patriarchy. Always up for learning new things and seeing new perspectives.