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12 realities that hit too close to home for every middle child

I’ve literally been left at a friend’s house before.

Having siblings has its perks. When you aren’t bickering, they can often serve as built-in friends, and that companionship can last a lifetime. But being the middle child among your siblings is a unique experience, one that comes with drawbacks and benefits.

1. It’s always you against them.

middle child, boys slapping boys

Even though you aren’t the youngest, your siblings always seem to team up against you—even as adults. They take advantage of outnumbering you, so they always get their way.

2. Everything was theirs first.

middle child, ron weasley hand-me-down

Hand-me-downs. In a family with multiple children, they are almost always inevitable.

Your first car? It was originally your older sister’s. Those clothes? Your sibling grew out of them. It’s a pleasantry when you get something that is yours and has always been yours.

3. You always had to sit in the middle (aka b****) of the backseat.

middle child, stay in your seat, teacher yelling

Zero leg room. You’re sitting on a big, uncomfortable bump. And you’re constantly rubbing shoulders with the siblings who just got you into trouble.

4. You were constantly competing for attention.

middle child, man yelling 'pay attention to me!'

I remember a family video where I was trying to steal the thunder from my little (much cuter) brother. They were reveling in and recording him as he tried to walk or whatnot, and I was jumping in front of the camera trying to sing.

5. You’re the odd one out.

middle child, girls playing brother running them over with toy car

The others seem to have everything in common, to like the same things and to have similar personalities. You on the other hand? You’re the exact opposite and are interested in everything but what they are.

6. You got away with more.

middle child, evil face little girl

It was easy for you to slide under the radar because no one paid much attention to you. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade.

7. You were probably left somewhere at least once.

middle child, pretty little liars I feel so forgotten

I’ve literally been left at a friend’s house, even though all of my other siblings were picked up from the same place.

8. People forget who you are.

middle child, my name is mark

Your name is either so-and-so’s sibling or your sibling’s actual name. That’s it. So, you might as well not have your own name.

9. You’re half one parent and half the other.

middle child, tyra banks I'm perfect

You’re subtly perfect because you’re the best of both parents. This is perhaps one of the few advantages of being a middle child.

10. Your youngest sibling ruined everything.

middle child, sibling rivalry

Before your youngest sibling was born, you had everybody wrapped around your finger. But then another kid came along and now your super powers are gone and replaced with middle child problems.

11. You’re incapable of getting hurt

middle child, kevin hart help me

With the first few kids, any bump, bruise or sprain was a serious issue. But as the middle child, parents are much laxer about your aches and pains. No more doctors’ visits or being coddled, instead you’re told to shake it off.

12. You’re still low-key someone’s favorite.

middle child, rihanna putting on a crown

They may mix up your name, forget you at the neighbor’s and give you a hard time, but deep down you know you’re at least one parent’s favorite. So you play the part. But you know you’re a queen.