Race, Inequality

Some Black men would rather pick Becky over Black women – but we’re okay

"Black women are the worst," huh?

I’m not going to take time and lead up to how I’m feeling. I’ll start off with this: I’M TIRED.

Black women are disrespected by non-Black people all the time. Our hair, our sizes, our lips, the way that we talk, laugh, dance, and breathe overall is always criticized. Worst of all, our biggest critics are Black men themselves (with a Becky on their side of course).

“WAIT! NOT ALL BLA—” Nope. Stop it right there. Please, hold all your “not all Black men” comments until the end.

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I’ve never heard or seen men belittle women of their own race the same way Black men do to Black women. I’m not talking about the whole “women are weaker, men are superior” thing. I’m talking about the “Nah, I can’t handle Black girls” mess. The “Black women are too ghetto” and “Black girls need to be mixed with something to be cute” and “Dark-skin girls are so loud, damn…” crap irks me.

Black men: Do y’all realize that you’re not just insulting us, but also your mothers, sisters, aunts, and grandmothers too? You came from Black women! You would not exist without us! Your hair, lips, hands, skin, and that smile you like to charm Becky with would be nothing without Black women.

Attacking the women who will support you is a bad move. “Black women are the worst,” huh? 

Yet, when a Black life is lost, all of a sudden, Becky gets quiet… 

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Some of your “better than Black girls” girlfriends are only around for their Black men fetish and light-skin mixed baby fetish.

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Then again, what do I know?

And something I have said and written about before: Black women DO NOT CARE if you’re not dating a Black woman.

I repeat, WE DO NOT CARE one bit. As long as you and your significant other are happy and staying in your lane, it’s all good. Black women are over here unbothered and thriving. However, if you’re just showing off your Becky with the caption “Black women never gave me what she gives me” or “White girls are evolving, Black girls better watch out” then……


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Sure, at first we might cringe a little, but we decided that it’s better to move on. We think your anti-Blackness is disgusting and it’s sad how you’re begging for our attention. 

If you want to be ignorant then, by all means, go ahead.

It’s not even worth feeling pity that you think this way. If there had to be any pity from me, it’d be for the non-Black girls you’re messing with for the sake of trying to make us jealous.

It’s tiring to see how much you try though. It’d be nicer to see you packing this kind of trash up and replacing it with positivity on my timeline. 

Maybe start with one of those anniversary posts of you and Becky love – without the “Black women got nothing on her” part.