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20 signs you’re an absolute fangirl

For those of us who love things just a little TOO much.

There are some people in the world who can consume media casually. They can watch a new film or finish a television show and think “Wow, that was great,” and then proceed to carry on with their day and, shockingly, the rest of their lives.

If you’re anything like me, though, media consumes you. More often than not you can be found thinking about, dreaming about, and obsessing over your fandom of choice. If you’re a full-blown fangirl, you’ll definitely relate to everything on this list.

1. Referring to your fave exclusively by their first name and casually dropping them into the conversation.

Your friends and family have also (begrudgingly) learned to refer to your fave but their first name.

2. The pure elation you feel when your favorite show gets renewed for another season.

Yessss. Another 22 episodes of pure indulgence.

3. Reading fan fiction when the canon doesn’t quite meet your expectations.

Sometimes you’re lucky enough to find a fic that’s even better than the canon.

4. Losing hours of sleep because of an especially great Netflix-binging session.

“Just…one…more episode!”

5. Going to a fan event or convention and finally feeling like you’re among your people.

Let’s stay here together forever and ever and ever.

6. When you overhear strangers talking about your fave and you must resist the urge to rudely butt into their conversation.

You must continue to resist even when they’re getting facts about your fave so very wrong.

7. When someone you’ve just met asks about your fave in passing and you have to go to great lengths to not expose the true depths of your love.

“Oh, uh Harry Styles? Yeah, I think I’ve heard of him once or twice.”

8. Being willing to empty the entire contents of your bank account on your fave.

Merch? Concert tickets? Movie premiere passes? UM. YES PLEASE.

9. Having to skillfully dodge spoilers on social media.

For the love of all that is pure and holy, USE YOUR TAGS. Think before you spoil!

10.Gasping aloud when finding out important news about your fave and scaring unassuming folk around you.

Oops. Sometimes it’s just genuinely impossible to contain your excitement.

11. Flexing your creative muscles through a fandom-related outlet.

Writing fic? Reading fic? Making fan art? You can and have done it all.

12. Hating ship wars and all of the drama that comes with them.

We’re all friends here and getting along is so much more enjoyable.

13. Meeting a core group of fangirl friends through fandom and a mutual love of your fave.

You love them almost as much as you love your fave.

14. When you have to stop watching a great episode and venture out into the “real” world.

Sunlight and fresh air are both completely overrated.

15. Learning viable knowledge like HTML, Final Cut, and Photoshop through the making of .gifs and edits on Tumblr.

Don’t forget to add it to your resume! Fandom helping you out in your future; who would have guessed!

16. The utter devastation you feel at the cancellation of your favorite show.

You’ll never get a chance to find out what happened to the characters you loved like your own family. What a cruel, cruel world!

17. The sheer terror you feel when a coworker finds or asks to follow one of your fandom-related social media accounts.


18. Gently dragging your fave and calling them out on their bullshit (from a place of love of course).

No one wants a fave who contributes to the cis-heterosexist-patriarchal bs that’s already prevalent in our society.

19. Scrolling through your camera roll and realizing that it’s 90% full of pics of your fave.

Houston, we might have a problem.

20. Discovering a new show/book/film/podcast and starting the specific brand of fangirl love and over-zealousness all over again.

Listen, it’s a hard job but someone’s gotta do it.