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5 absolutely delicious ways you can use Rooh Afza this summer

Close your eyes and imagine the single best invention that Pakistanis have come up with.

Rooh Afza is a syrup drink that is a staple in every Desi household around the world. Bright red in color, Rooh Afza tastes extremely sweet and downing a glass of this delicious drink leaves you feeling incredibly refreshed! The recipe of the drink varies from home to home, but in this hot summer, it’s everywhere.

The quintessential drink of every Pakistani, it’s best served cold with an assortment of pakoras, samosas, and jalebis. No thirst quencher can ever quite compare.

It doesn’t matter whether if you have or have not tried Rooh Afza, these five recipes are bound to make your mouth water and go out and buy a bottle STAT!

1. Take the classical route with some Rooh Afza and water.

Okay, this might seem pretty obvious, but if you have never tried Rooh Afza, it might not be. The most common way to make it is adding it to water and being very generous with ice! If you have ever been to a Desi household, you might have had a glass of this delicious drink served to you. And if you haven’t, try requesting one next time.

2. Shake things up with a glass of Rooh Afza and milk.

A lot of people claim that this is even better than having it the traditional way. Well, I’ll let you decide that for yourself! It’s basically just Rooh Afza added to a glass of milk but honestly, it is the best way you could ever drink milk. Any Desi person you meet will testify to this fact.

3. Forget all other desserts with a spoonful of Rooh Afza falooda.

Falooda is a delicious Desi dessert made with milk, ice cream, falooda noodles, basil seeds and – you guessed it – Rooh Afza! All of the ingredients are combined but the true hero of the dessert is the syrupy goodness of Rooh Afza. A glass of this dessert and you will forget that Death by Chocolate ever existed.

4. Treat yourself to an ice-cold glass of Rooh Afza with lemon!

In this recipe, a twist of lemon is added to the original iteration. The lemon juice perfectly cuts through the syrup’s intense sweetness. It is honestly the best thing to drink on a hot summer’s day! Don’t take my word for it, make a glass for yourself and try to prove me wrong!

Don’t take my word for it, make a glass for yourself and try to prove me wrong.

5. Freeze up your very own Rooh Afza ice lolly.

This is a childhood favorite of any Desi that you might meet. You just need to pour Rooh Afza into popsicle trays and stick them in the freezer. The resulting ice lolly is perhaps what dreams are made of. No store-bought popsicle could give you the same satisfaction like these homemade babies can! I am surprised a company hasn’t started to produce this popsicle already.

I call dibs on the idea though.