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Did Netflix’s “Girlboss” deserve to be cancelled?

Netflix has canceled "Girlboss" after 1 season

Netflix recently announced that they will not be renewing “Girlboss” for season 2. Although I can admit that it is not the best show out there, I couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed by this news. There are spoilers below so if you haven’t seen the first season, read at your own risk.

Girlboss is a comedy TV show that is based on Sophia Amoruso’s autobiography #Girlboss. It follows her journey as a troubled and lost twenty three year old who finds her passion through vintage clothes. She goes on to set up her own business – Nasty Gal. Britt Robertson plays the lead as Sophia Marlowe. Sophia is portrayed as a narcissistic, selfish and entitled young woman who is trying to find her way in the world.

Sophia herself is a really annoying character. When it started, I excused her behavior because I loved the idea of an unapologetic, powerful woman. It gave me Jessica Jones vibes. But as the story line progressed, I just found her lacking. There was no proper explanation for her standoff-ish behavior. Okay her mom left when she was younger and her dad didn’t believe in her dreams. But to be fair when the show started off she didn’t exactly have dreams or behave in a way that was optimistic. I mean people have worse lives and do better.

I loved Annie and the dynamic between her and Sophia. It reminded me of the passive aggressive relationship I have with my best friend. But Sophia was on too many occasions rude and dismissive of her supportive best friend. Although she would realize eventually how her behavior was affecting her friendship, she didn’t really do anything to make up for it.

Then there was her relationship with Shane; her love-interest. So I really just didn’t get this relationship. I mean from the moment they got together she was rude, demanding and just really not a great person. The whole relationship story line seemed pretty pointless and boring to me. I guess him cheating on her was supposed to be this whole dramatic twist? But to be honest I didn’t quite understand why he was with her in the first place.

I was pretty disappointed because I would have liked to have seen more about her business and passion. It was shown as this thing she stumbled into and created fairly easily. Although I haven’t read the autobiography fully, from what I gather, in reality it was a lot more work and dedication. I would have loved to have seen this highlighted in the show.

There were however, so many things that I loved about this show. The idea of the show; a young woman building something out of nothing was incredibly inspiring. Especially as when I started watching it; I was a lost twenty four year old with no clue what to do with life so the story line was relateable. Of course I adored the clothes, pretty much every episode made me want to hit a vintage shop and buy everything. The thing is Sophia was good at what she did, it was fun to her find unique pieces. She was an asshole but she was talented.

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Although it had many faults, I still really enjoyed watching it. I was excited to see how the business venture played out in the second season and to watch the characters develop. I mean no character is the best version of themselves in the first season.

The reviews however were not optimistic. The show was described as “tone-deaf” and disappointment. The main consensus was that Sophia was entirely not unlikable. Which I don’t really disagree with.

But is being relateable really a necessity of a leading character?

For example look at Charlie Harper from Two and a Half-Men; he was a narcissistic, selfish and rude character, I really hope he was not relate-able to many. But in this instance these qualities made him comical and endearing. There is also BBC’s Sherlock Holmes played by Benedict Cumberbatch – which I absolutely adored. But Sherlock Holmes is seriously not relate-able, I mean a lot of his decisions are seriously questionable, yet the show is a major success.

The point is that relating to or even liking the main character is not a prerequisite for the show doing well. Bad qualities make for interesting characters right? Or is this only applicable when it is a male character.

I’m just really disappointed that we won’t get to see how good “Girlboss” could have been, had it been renewed.