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These 6 rogue apps completely change the way we resist in 2017

Don't underestimate the power of resistance.

Activism is indispensable to combating injustice, and under the Trump administration, it feels especially imperative in protecting marginalized people. Now more than ever, people are feeling invigorated to protect and empower their communities, and thanks to the digital age, tools to do this are right at our fingertips.

Although organizing our communities is no simple feat, these apps are streamlining and improving how we activate ourselves and our communities.

1. Brigade

Having trouble finding people in your area who are passionate about the same issues as you? Brigade helps you find nearby voters to better organize and influence policies and elections together. In an app that prides itself as the first voter network in the world, you can also debate topics in discussion forums to influence voters on issues that matter to you, while also pledging your support for political candidates.

Available to download on iOS and Google Play.

2. Countable

Holding our legislators accountable is paramount as an activist under the Trump administration. The Countable app streamlines the process of contacting your representatives so you can tell them how you want them to vote on a bill. The app also allows you to video message your representatives if you’re more comfortable communicating with them in this medium.

Countable additionally lets you see how your elected officials voted on the past bills so you can hold them accountable during the next election cycle. The app also allows you to educate yourself on active and upcoming legislation to keep informed about policy changes.

Available to download on iOS and Google Play.

3. Boycott Trump

Don’t underestimate the power of a boycott. Created by the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, the BoycottTrump app was created for users who want to disassociate themselves from any businesses connected to Donald Trump or his business interests. Users can search the database of over 250 businesses to decide which businesses or brands to avoid as conscientious consumers.

Available to download on iOS and Google Play.

4. Cell 411

Protests are often misrepresented by mainstream media. Often we don’t read about instances of police brutality against protesters, who are often wary of trusting police for help in emergency situations. The Call 411 app lets you notify friends, family, or emergency service providers during situations where you don’t want to rely on the police for help.

Built by and for activists, users can also record instances of police brutality and illegal searches, which can be broadcasted to your unique network of family and friends along with your GPS coordinates so your network can locate you.

Available to download on iOS and Google Play.

5. Meetup

Finding fellow activists can be tough, but the Meetup app allows you to meet people in your area so you can organize a protest, march or town hall meeting. Meetup recently created a #Resist extension of their network to let users form a community and take civic action.

Available for download on iOS and Google Play.

6. Signal Private Messenger

It’s no secret that National Security Agency (NSA) has a significant amount of access to your data. Activists are often under scrutiny, by the federal government and law enforcement. If you’re worried about outsiders getting access to your data, then the Signal Private Messenger has you covered.

Signal encrypts your messages and voice calls so no outside party can intercept them, and it’s completely free. The app also allows you to use your phone number, so you don’t have to worry about memorizing a new number.

Available for download on iOS and Google Play.