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13 shocking things you never knew about your cat

You'll never be able to look at your cat the same way.

We often wish our pets were able to communicate with us. I constantly wonder if a cat’s purr is a happy purr or a put me down or I’ll bite purr.

While purring is the most iconic cat thing, it is certainly not the only cat behavior you need to know.

1.  Licking themselves


Your cat hates water for a reason. Their coarse, sandpaper-like tongue is a built in Brillo Pad. In fact, the first thing a momma cat does is groom her litter.

Since your feline friend associates licking with feeling cared for, in an unsafe situation, a cat has three options: fight, flight, or groom. Over-licking can also be a sign of something more serious, like allergies or anxiety in your kitty!


2. Slowly blinking


Cat haters often say that cats don’t love their human friends, but slow blinking with eye contact is the equivalent of a dog’s lick.

While constricted pupils are a death stare, slow blinking is a cat’s way of letting you know that they are in a comfortable environment.


3. Crouching 


Another strange cat behavior is crouching. Since cats are predatory animals, their first attack stance is a crouch. However, depending on circumstances, it might be a submissive move to get larger animals to not attack them.


4. Loving their haters


When humans smile, they bare their teeth. When cats are aggressive, they do the same thing. Eye contact is also impolite, according to cats.

When people who do not want a cat to come near them, they tend to avoid eye contact and touching the cat. This lack of contact makes the furry companion like their biggest haters.


5. Hiding in everything


We’ve already established that your feline is a predatory animal. Being in an enclosed space means more than that your cat loves the warmth of couches. The tight spaces that they love also offer the opportunity to observe what’s happening from a distance.


6. Tail movements


The type of movement that you observe of your cat’s tail is an indicator of how they are feeling. A rapidly moving tail indicates they are agitated while a tail that sticks straight up is feeling threatened.


7. Meowing like it’s the end of the world


A regular meow is literally just for attention. Kittens meow at their mothers, then learn that their meows work on their human companion too.

Call it manipulation, but no one can resist a little meow.


8. Rubbing their face over everything


Cats rub their face like dogs pee on everything.

Instead of covering you and your stuff in urine, your pal will coat you in their scent. Just like lions and tigers, your kitty has scent glands located in its mouth, on the sides of the head, the pads of front paws, and tail!!


9. Scratching your entire house


Your cat is self-obsessed. The furry friend scratches up your stuff because they want to smell themselves and see their physical marks on “their” property.


10. Sleeping like this


Cats enjoy the warmth of being small when sleeping. Your feline is trying their best to DIY the feeling of getting into a warm bed.


11. Kneading everything


Similarly to grooming, kneading gives a sense of comfort to your cat. While it may seem odd, cats start kneading as kittens trying to get milk from their mother.

So, from a very young age, cats can learn to knead when they want something.


12. Putting their toys in the water/food bowl


Don’t worry, your cat isn’t trying to drown their toys. They are merely putting them in a place that they think is safe.


13. Hijacking your laptop


Your cat likes your laptop because it’s like a heating pad. Try to discourage your fur baby from lying on your laptop because no one will believe your cat deleted your homework.

TL;DR: your cat is a furry, little ball of communication.

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