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20 things that’ll hit too close to home if you’re a serious K-drama fan

It's not a Korean drama without the wrist grab.

It’s 10 a.m. on a weekday and you’re aching to be back in bed, catching up on the latest episode of Goblin. That’s when you know you’re hooked on Korean dramas, but that’s not your only clue. If you’re doing any of these things, you are a dedicated fan.

1. Replaying your perfect first kiss over and over in your head.

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You trip on a banana peel and fall right into his arms, like he was standing there all along waiting for that to happen.

2. You subconsciously karaoke Dream High during class.

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…until your teacher calls on you.

3. Your idea of a good night out involves kimchi and soju.

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Not to mention the good company, of course.

4. You’ve watched over 20 K-dramas, but all you can manage are two words.

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Your aanya and kamsamida slip out during a conversation with your professor, and she looks at you strangely.

5. The agony you feel when the episode ends in a cliffhanger.

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You have to wait a whole week to know whether she accepts his proposal.

6. When you start watching a show, both time and tide stand still until you finish all 16 episodes.

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Even basic necessities like food and sleep take a backseat.

7. Your friends keep asking you why you’re single.

You’re not single, you’re just waiting for your bias to realize that he’s dating you.

8. You develop an unhealthy attraction to bad guys.

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They come equipped with excessive facial hair and sarcastic comebacks that you just can’t help swooning over.

9. Your crazed obsession with South Korea started with the oh-so-cheesy Boys over Flowers.

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The lead, Gu Jun Pyo, sets the standard for every man you date.

10. Goblins, vampires and immortal mermaids fit right into K-dramas.

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Put them in an American setting, and it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

11. You secretly know the geographical coordinates of Lee Min Ho’s current location.

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Stalkerish? I think not.

12. Every high school K-drama consists of a Mean Girls clique that ironically reminds you of high school.

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And all those emotions come rushing right back.

13. People look at you funny when you say that you’re a K-drama fan.

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Off with their heads!

14. When you emerge from a non-stop K-drama marathon…

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The rock you lived under gave your life a whole new dimension.

15. When you wait for six episodes for the first kiss…

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You’ve finally found peace among the chaos.

16.Your ideal visit to Korea would include a tour of the popular Boys over Flowers destinations.

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If you didn’t know that you could do that, your day has just been made.

17. It’s rare to see a popular drama without an alpha male character with a dark history.

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It’s no surprise that mysterious characters like goblins, vampires and immortal warriors lead the pack here.

18. When you can’t find subtitles, you need to do everything you can to keep calm.

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After two years of watching K-dramas, you still haven’t mastered the language well enough.

19. Your weekends are spent taking Korean language classes.

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Yet all you can manage is a mere annyeonghaseo when your parents look at you for help in a Korean restaurant.

20. Your standards in men have shot up astronomically.

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The average Joe just won’t do. Your man needs to come equipped with the works; high cheekbones and well-tailored tail jackets.