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20 things that prove the struggle is real when you move back home

Privacy? What is that?

I recently graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Journalism and immediately realized journalism isn’t for me (talk about being late to the party). Without any reason to stay in San Francisco, I moved back in with my family.

Before I jump into how it is to move back, let me tell you how it is living alone. It was interesting, to say the least. Living independently is a school in itself. You have to manage homework, office, house chores and basically everything else simultaneously. You meet all kinds of people and you learn how to interact with them. You learn to be patient. You learn things – good and bad – about yourself you didn’t know before. You learn to make your own decisions, screw up, own up to your mistakes and learn from them. In a nutshell, living independently builds your character.

While school is usually associated with being boring, living independently is quite the opposite. Although you have to be responsible, there is room to be careless,  to have fun,  and to be yourself. You are autonomous. You are the boss.

That’s not true when you move back home, though. When you’ve been the boss of your own life, you don’t like to be bossed around.

So, here are few things people who move back with their family might experience.

1. Food is not a problem – it is always taken care of


As compared to your dorm fridge, home fridge is always filled with delicious food.

2. But if there is food at home, why do you have to go out?


It can be very hard to explain to your family why you want to eat outside when there is plenty at home.

3. Laundry is not an issue

You don’t have to wear your dirty clothes again.  Your parents are always ready to help you with the laundry.

4. But your messy room is always a problem

If they are helping you do everything and you are not doing anything else, it can be hard to explain to them your messy room.

5. You always have ice cream!!!

Your sweet tooth is always taken care of: sweets, ice cream, drinks are always to be found.

6. But you can’t ditch family weddings and parties anymore

Because you can’t makeup tests and homework if you aren’t in school anymore. Oops.

7. You always have the support system

Whether it is your personal life or professional, you always have them by your side.

8. But all of a sudden you forget what freedom feels like

When you have to ‘tell’ them about everything, you always feel like you’re asking for permission.

9. You are not allowed to be out late anymore

Because then you start getting calls past 10 pm: “Are you okay? Why are you not home?”

10. When your shower schedule is being monitored

Your every move is observed. The question, “Didn’t you just take a shower?” becomes too normal.

11. Privacy? What is that?

This doesn’t need any explanation, does it?

12. Your friends live far away, so you end up staying in bed

Your social life ends and all you have left is your bed.

13. And if you do end up seeing them, you have to tell your family all about them

“They weren’t in your class? Then how did you meet them?” Just some more explaining to do.

14. You learn what early to bed, early to rise actually means

Waking up at noon over the weekend isn’t a viable option anymore.

15. You can’t watch a show without being asked the what why who how when of it

Because what’s the point of watching a show without a bunch of questions?

16. All of a sudden, you turn into an anti-social person

Because you have no friends to hang out with anymore.

17. But you realize you’re not broke as often


Because you don’t have to pay any more bills, you become Richie Rich.

18. You never run out of toilet paper


You never have to worry about them. There’s always a stock out there somewhere.

19. There is always someone to take care of you when you’re sick


You no longer have to take care of yourself alone. Your family takes good care of you.

20. You get to stay with your family


Because they are your family. And you love them.