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5 halal nail polish brands you absolutely HAVE to snag for your collection


We’re so excited that these polishes have finally hit the market.

These polishes also offer the chance for your nails to rest. They help restore growth and strength back to your nails, and many come enhanced with vitamin B5, vitamin C, and argan oil. Some polishes are not tested on animals and are even vegan-friendly.

Breathable nail polish is a must-have item for Muslim women and men wanting to rock a slaying mani while performing wudu. There has been wide debate as to whether or not the breathable polishes are truly halal, but it has been noted by a few users that after some testing the formula appears water-permeable. Whether you believe it or not, it’s significant that brands are making an effort to accommodate for people’s different religious beliefs with their products.

“If something is blocking [your nails], that is not acceptable,” says Habib Ghanim, director of ISWA Halal Certification Department and president of USA Halal Chamber of Commerce. “When wudu is performed, water has to touch every part of your body. If you have nail polish on that is non-porous, that is not considered halal.”

Although many brands are popping up offering halal cosmetics, the products are still relatively new and it can, therefore, be difficult to suss out all options on offer. This list showcases five brands offering glorious alternatives to your typical nail polishes, leaving your fingertips free for any and every color you could possibly imagine.

1. Inglot O2M Breathable Halal Nail Polish 


Inglot, a brand we all know and trust, has been in the breathable nail polish game for a while now.

One reviewer stated, “I’ve used it now for several weeks and my previously split and cracked nails are stronger than when I used regular nail polish. I’ll purchase more!” Each polish retails at around $20 and you can buy it here.

2. Tuesday in Love Non-Peelable Nail Polish


Tuesday in Love’s polishes are certified vegan, certified halal and cruelty-free and come in a host of amazing glossy and matte finishes. You can buy them for $14.99, but a few are on sale right now for $11.24!

3. Orly Breathable Treatment + Color


For only $8.99, you can pick up Orly’s beautiful palette of breathable nail polishes at  Amazon. One reviewer, Kathy, said, “Great nail polish! The color is very nice! Thinner consistency than other polishes but I think that is because it is breathable. Not very thick so dries very fast. By the time you finish your first coat you can start on the second without waiting.”

4. MAYA Cosmetics Nail Lacquer Breathable


Retailing at just $13.99, Maya Cosmetics’ breathable nail polish is also gluten free.

One reviewer said, “I’m a certified lab tech and tested MAYA’s nail polish for water permeability and it works beautifully!! This particular light chocolate brown goes on quite opaque with just one coat. LOVE IT.”

5. Nailberry L’oxygéné – Breathable Nail Polish


Nailberry’s award-winning L’Oxygéné Collection is not only breathable but also looks and sounds fancy AF. At around $16, the UK-based brand offers many beautiful shades to beautify your fingertips.