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I didn’t know the answer to my money problems lay just outside my front door

Your wallet and your soul will be happy.

It might sound ridiculous, but going out in nature can save you money. How often when you’re out in nature do you browse your phone? Are you watching TV or using electricity at all? Absolutely not. You’re simply enjoying the world around you. Simple electronics can cost a lot in our lives, making going outside more and more enticing.

Save money on phone bills


I went to the extremes one summer and lived in a cabin in the wilderness without any electricity or cell service. Though you definitely don’t need to live as off the grid as I did, there is a lot that can be said about not having a phone on you 24/7. 46% of cell phone users spend over $100 a month on their bill. This isn’t counting going over data limits either. Though it’s difficult to completely cut a cell phone out of your life in 2017, you can still save on your cell phone bill by using it less. Go outside and leave your phone at home. Go for a hike and take a camera to take photos with like the old days. Sit in a park and talk to the people around you. Go outside without any electronics for even just an hour a day, and I promise you that you’ll start saving money without even realizing it.

Save money on TV


I already know lots of people who are getting rid of their cable, simply because of how expensive it is. The average cable bill is over $100 currently. So here’s a question, why spend your entire weekend watching House Hunters on repeat (I admit I have done that before) when you could go out backpacking? During the work week it’s hard to find time to watch TV anyway. When the weekend comes around, you can choose to go outside instead of watching TV, and with that cut out $100 a month easily. Plus, Netflix is significantly cheaper, so after you’ve enjoyed the beauty of the outdoors, you can always binge-watch your favorite shows on your computer.

Save money on electricity


There are some inventive ways to get out in nature more and save money at the same time. The van life has become popular, and though it’s hard to completely leave your life to live in a van, you can still save on electricity at home by simply going outside. Don’t forget to turn off all your lights before you leave. The entire time you’re outside you’re saving money from not using the electricity that you would have been if you decided to stay in. The average electric bill is over $100. Go outside for a couple hours everyday and you’ll cut that down.

Save money on rent


If you’re renting an apartment or house, maybe move out for a summer and sublease to someone while you go through-hiking, travel the country, or even just live in a small, cheap cabin. Rent is the biggest expense on this list, but if you sublease and move out for a little bit to enjoy the world around you, you can save some money while connecting more with nature in the process.

Obviously all of these would work best in a perfect world, but even if you take one of these pieces of advice to heart, you will find your bills a lot lower than when you started. So get outside, enjoy the beautiful world around you, and break away from the digital world.