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8 ways artificial intelligence has already become a part of your life

When you find out how much of your life is already influenced by artificial intelligence, you will freak.

Many of the world’s top technology executives are investing in the race to unlock the key to artificial intelligence. When you think about what that means for you, do you usually imagine yourself in the movie Smart House, or in an episode of The Jetsons?

What if I told you that artificial intelligence is already a part of your household?

Here are 8 examples of artificial intelligence that you’re already using every day.

1. Virtual Personal Assistants

An elevated picture of a woman walking through the city.

Think Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Now. AI is crucial to these apps since they tailor their responses to your requests based on collecting info about your preferences.

These applications continuously learn more about the user and become more effective the longer you use them.

2. Apple Watch

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These devices rely on AI to make the right workout recommendations for you based on the information you give it. The watch learns about you more and adjusts accordingly as you complete the recommended fitness tasks.

3. Videogames

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Some of the most popular AI products are video games, they have used the technology since their origins.

The technology has advanced greatly over time, as we can see with video game characters that analyze and respond to different environments and eventually learn your behaviors.

4. Smart Cars

Cars parked in a elevated garage.

The idea behind smart cars is to program the car to look at the road ahead and make decisions based on what it sees, similar to human deduction during driving.

While these cars aren’t seen on the road every day, they are well on their way into being established. Look at Tesla autopilot feature or Google self-driving car project.

5. Music and Movie Recommendation Services

A picture of Netflix television show

This is something that I’m sure everyone has tampered with at some point in their lives but never attributed to artificial intelligence.

Music streaming apps like Pandora use AI algorithms to accomplish the task of recognizing the music that you have enjoyed in the past and using those recollections to recommend music you might enjoy in the future.

6. Smart Home Devices

A man holding a light bulb.

Remember when we were talking about Smart House? Well, a form of it exists in our life time. We now have devices that can recognize when you want to adjust your appliances to save you time and energy.

Lighting is also controlled in some houses through AI, consumers would only have to set their preferences to allow the house to adjust based on what you’re doing. The possibilities of AI influenced homes are endless.

7. Fraud Detection

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Artificial intelligence plays a huge role in fraud detection. When you make a purchase, it is analyzed through a computer that has sampled many non-fraudulent and fraudulent purchases.

Through deductions and algorithms, the computer spots out when something looks fishy on your account, simply because it has seen it before.

8. Online Customer Support

A picture of a woman online shopping with her credit card.

Many live customer support systems utilize artificial intelligence to respond to customers with question. The computers are trained to look through the website for information that can help answer your question. But the intriguing part, is these AI systems being trained to understand customer’s language.

Thinking about a future with AI might seem like science fiction to you, but you will be surprised to learn that it already has a huge effect on your lives. Artificial intelligence is only projected to grow more during the coming years.