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Seven saucy apps that will completely change your love life

Love meets tech.

Let’s face it: The quality of sex education sucks, and it’s a problem.

Across the U.S., there is a slew of states refusing to allow public schools to teach sex-ed, and how sex-ed is taught across the world is just as inconsistent. We’re lucky if our guardians even gave us “the sex talk”.

Abstinence-only education is not working. The negativity, judgment, and stigma surrounding sex are preventing many from learning how to have safe, consensual sex or how to embrace sex as an affirmative experience.

Sex education shouldn’t be embarrassing or inaccessible, and we owe it to ourselves to take sex-ed into our own hands. And thanks to the digital age, we now have mobile and web apps that are revolutionizing how we talk about sex.

1. HappyPlayTime

HappyPlayTime is breaking down social stigma surrounding female masturbation with their lighthearted and necessary web app. ‘Happy’ is an adorable cartoon vulva that takes its users through interactive games to learn about anatomy and basic techniques in pleasuring yourself. Simply move your cursor or finger around the directed area to unlock different moves around the clitoris, clitoral hood or vagina. Let your partner have a try at it so they can get educated too.

In an interview with Broadly, Tina Gong states that she created this adorable app to overcome her embarrassment over sex and sexuality. Her conservative upbringing stifled her journey to discover her own body, and she wanted to change the conversation around sexual pleasure.

2. Juicebox

Juicebox is a sex and relationship mobile app where you can get advice from certified “sexperts” and get sexual health information where we communicate the most: our phones.

There are two main components to Juicebox: Snoop lets users submit questions to be answered by sex therapists, counselors and educators, who publish their answers and resources for the entire Juicebox community to read. So if you’re embarrassed about asking a question, rest assured that there’s an entire community of people who are having the same musings.

The Spill function lets users share personal stories about sexuality and gender to foster community and break down the embarrassment and stigma surrounding sexual experiences.



F*CK YES is a web series that models what consent looks like in a world clueless about how to discuss safety in pre-coital conversation. Produced, written and directed by an all-women team, these sex positive videos are showing how consent is affirmative and sexy.

Although consent definitely doesn’t need to “sexy” to be necessary, these digital shorts have fun with the notion that consent is a part of the sexual experience and doesn’t have to “ruin the mood”.

4. OMGYes

OMGYes is a website committed to exploring female sexual pleasure and creating better orgasms through new research and science. This platform is taking the stigma around sexuality head-on by taking a candid look at the ways women find pleasure.

The website uses video testimonials, stats, and simulation to educate users about stimulation and sexuality. Through its interactive videos, users can test techniques by touching their screens. The videos give you feedback in real-time so users can better fine-tune their movement. There’s only a one-time fee to start using OMGYes. Once you pay, you can access all of its episodes as much as you would like.

5. SexPositive

Sex positive is all about counteracting the fears, misinformation, and negativity around human sexuality. Instead, it embraces sex as a positive, affirming experience. The app is modeled as a wheel where users can spin to learn what happens when one body part touches another, or even an object. The result gives users  safe sex recommendations.

Created by the University of Oregon Health Center, this convenient mobile app provides users judgement-free information about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), safe sex practices, communication tips and other advice.

6. Bedsider

Bedsider helps people take an active role in their reproductive health by providing the most comprehensive birth control information possible. Operated by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, Bedsider is completely independent and is committed to providing users with honest and unbiased information.

[bctt tweet=”@Bedsider helps people take an active role in their reproductive health.” username=”wearethetempest”]

Users can explore and compare different birth control options through an interactive breakdown, while also learning what they can do if birth control fails. Bedsider also lets users know where they can access birth control, from health centers to at-home delivery services, and even helps users remember to take their birth control through their Bedsider Reminders mobile app.

7. Eve by Glow

Eve by Glow is a sex app and period tracker made for women who want to take control of their sexual and reproductive health in the convenience of one platform. In this hybrid app, users can log their sexual activity and keep track of their cycle, so you can worry less about the health of your cycle and unplanned pregnancies and more about your sexuality.

Users can get as specific as they’d like on the app, logging data like when you’ve had sex, with who and how. You can also record your mood and if you’ve been exercising, which all factor into how your cycle works. Eve gives its users trusted information on birth control and sex tips, and also has a discussion forum in which users can share their stories and experiences, or ask for advice from each other.

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